It’s Been One of Those Days

Did you ever have one of those days when…

…you sit up in bed and as the ache hits your pain receptors, you think "This is not going to be a good day!"?

…you text your hubby at work, only to hear a message "ding" from across the room?

…the a/c that is limping along decides to just lay down and die?

…you decide not to call your a/c repairman (Dad) because he just has so much to do today?

…you go to feed your child, only to discover that he is wet – diaper, shirt, pad, sheet and mem*ry foam mattress?

…you grab the lift to roll it across the room, and it gets tangled in a writhing mess of extension chords, belts and ties?

…the lift pulls the lamp off the dresser, exploding the light bulb?

…the lamp shades breaks into three separate pieces?

…you have all the makings of a "migraine" headache?

…your church friend emails to say that her mother has only a little while longer to live?

…you think to yourself "This has not been a very good day, but compared to some other people's day, I have absolutely nothing to complain about!"?

THEN did you ever have one of those days when…

…your a/c repair man just happens to pop in at his house at 9:30, and will be over in just a minute to check the a/c?

…you walk into the living room to tell him what the problem is with the a/c, only to hear him say, "It's running!!!"

…you put your hand in front of the vents and feel luscious, icy, cold air blowing?

…your mom says "Let's place an order at Bath and Body Works(!!!)?

…your son is so delighted with himself that every time you speak to him, he smiles and "talks" back?

…you have the fresh ingredients on hand to make a strawberry-banana-cherry smoothie for your and hubby's lunch?

…the migraine medicine actually works and you're able to get a load of laundry washed and dried?

…your a/c repairman comes over to install an exhaust fan and an air vent on your back porch, so the wood won't melt every time you run the dryer?

…at the hottest part of the day, the a/c is still running?

…you sit down to count your blessings and realize that even on the worst of days, you have so very much to be thankful for?

Yep!  It's just been one of those day!


11 thoughts on “It’s Been One of Those Days

  1. Oh yes! And hurrah for it all, including the earlier miseries which just make the rest of it so much sweeter.


  2. Hi Alesha! I finally made it over here, I will miss you on xanga but I totally understand!!!
    What a great post!!!


  3. What a wonderful post!
    Attitude is so important in how we look and relate to our circumstances…
    And I truly, truly believe that counting our blessings and being grateful for even the simplest things can make life sweet and the heart joyful!
    Wishing you a blessed and joyful day!


  4. I felt so silly when I got your Xanga post update! I was over here the other day and didn’t switch my feed reader address to your new one. It’s all set now!
    I’m so glad your bad day has switched around for the better. It’s a bit frustrating when they start off on the wrong foot.
    I also saw that you watched Wives and Daughtes. I LOVE that movie! Have you seen Cranford? It’s by the same author.
    Enjoy placing your Bath and Body Works order!


  5. that’s pretty funny, Dani!!! LOL I wondered, because your mom had already commented on the movie! : )
    And NO, I haven’t seen Cranford! Thanks for the heads up! I’ll go right now to see if Netflix has it on their “watch now” list. I just LOVE that feature!!!
    Hope your weekend is just GRAND!


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