New Stuff at Our House

We had a busy end-of-the-week last week, and as the result of being out and about, we have a few new tools for our house, our business and our boy.

The first new item:  deodorant.  No, it's not for me.  It's for Isaac.  {sigh…} : )


This is a handy cleaner that we found for Isaac.  It is gentle on his skin, and can also be used on his hair.  I find this a real help on those days when I have to change him from head to toe, over and over.  (well, most days, really.)


This is a handy little tool for the kitchen.  It's a salad spinner.  Not the pricey oxo one I had my eye on, but a cheapy one from Old Time Pottery.  We'll see how it stands up.  I was able to chop up romaine and spinach, throw it in there, wash it, spin it and store it in my lettuce keeper.  Very nice!


Doug bought me this sketch book for my jewelry business.  Sometimes, it helps to see things on paper…and sometimes it would be nice if I could take a picture of the image in my head and transfer it to paper through some magical process. 

I am NO artist, and sometimes I can't even manage to draw what I'm thinking on the paper.  However, once in a while, I have some ideas that need to be jotted down before I forget them.  So I keep this pad by my bed for just that purpose.


And THIS…ah, this little gem of a book has my creative juices really flowing!  It has wonderful projects in it, and gives step by step instructions for some techniques that I had not yet learned.  I am so excited to try some new things, and also to improve on some of the techniques that I use all the time.


So, those are the new things in our house this week.  Oh, and I'll be trying to find the recipe for this new dish, so that it will be in our house, too:


It's Spaghetti Primavera, and it was absolutely delicious!  Oh, and Doug's entree wasn't bad, either:


Veggie pizza with eggplant and peppers.  He really enjoyed it!

Yes, in case you were wondering, we were able to go out to lunch on Saturday, thanks to Grammy!  We went to Carrabba's and had a wonderful time.

I'm wondering…is there anything new at your house today?  I'd love to hear about it!  Leave me a comment below. : )



8 thoughts on “New Stuff at Our House

  1. feeling a bit better today, thanks for the prayers!
    As for new…I ordered two cute bean bag type chairs and a matching lamp from WM today for a reading nook in our schoolroom! 🙂


  2. On Friday, Michael & I went out on a date, it was the first one since our Anniversary! We went to outback and splurged!! I had this great pork tenderloin and of course we got a bloomin onion, Michael had baby back ribs. Then we went to Wally World and he bought me a new shirt that was on clearance!! Whoo-Hoo! He got some clothes that were marked down as well. PTL!!! So that’s my ‘new’ thing! I’ve really got to learn to condense things! 😉


  3. New in our house hmmm. There’s a new backrest for Mog’s wheelchair which is very comfortable. And LF’s new school uniform for September. Beyond that, I think newness is limited to a loaf of bread and some fresh eggs we bought yesterday! We do need to shop…


  4. Well, Tia, at least you can do a lot with fresh bread and eggs! I’d say you’re set for a little bit, just in case you aren’t able to shop any time soon. : )
    And praise the Lord for comfy wheelchair cushions!!! : D


  5. I have something new! I have a new bread machine!! Ordered it yesterday afternoon it was delivered this morning ;o)


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