Saturday, 10 March 2007

seizure activity has increased the last couple of days.  Last night and
all day today he has had the small seizures coming in clusters. 

Praise the Lord, they have not increased
to the point that we need to medicate him.  We're trying to avoid
giving the "heavy duty" meds, so that he will be clear for the doctor's
visit.  If we give those meds tonight, there will be no seizure activity
for the next 48-72 hours.  We NEED the doctor to SEE some seizure
activity, I think. 

doctor did mention that they might do a new kind of test on him to
determine whether he is a candidate for surgery.  I don't relish the
thought of another surgery on his little head.  (We've had 4 major ones

We are
almost ready to pack up the truck tonight.  Then in the morning, we can
feed Isaac, and hit the road. 

I sure would rather be in church tomorrow.  We have missed so
much church during the last month and I really miss it – the fellowship,
the singing and the preaching.  My preacher never preaches a dud!  It's
always SO good!  Whether it's stepping on my toes or blessing my soul,
the Lord always uses him to speak the words I need to hear.

On a positive note, I made Isaac some
new toys today.  He loves to chew on things, especially tags on toys. 
My mom had the idea to use shoe strings and ribbons to make a toy for



I've kept up the idea and make him new
ones especially when we're traveling.  These are the ones I did today.

100_2882 100_2883

Of course, Daddy insist that I make them
"not girly"!!!  So I hope you can see I included ribbons with
basketballs and fish bones on them!!!!!  How's that for "not
girly"?!!!!  Oh, well, it's fun to do for him, and he enjoys them alot.

I'll update next time
I can.  We hope to be home sometime on Monday evening.

Have a happy Lord's