The Color of February



My ivy is thriving in the house in this terra cotta red planter.


Any Cafe Bustelo coffee is good, but the espresso style is my fave.


The smell of this hand soap makes me smile every time I use it.


My Vera Bradley blanket in "pink swirls".


A tart way to start the day.


Finger Paints "Paint Me Happy" with Orly's "MirrorBall" on my ring finger, highlighting my wedding ring.  It's been on that finger for 27 years this February.

Last but not least, my favorite red Gospel 90.3 cup.  Restorathon happens at the end of this month.

I love February's colors!!!

Alive and Well in Central Florida

Well, hey there!  Did you wonder how things were going over here on the east coast?  I know I've been quiet for a little while, except for my devotional posts each day, but we are doing very well. 

The school year is winding down, and as usual, there are many extra things in the schedule during the month of May.  Some of those activities are planned and expected every year. 

Other things, like funerals, are not expected.  This week I attended the funeral service of one of God's choicest servants, Dr. Gary Herring.

He was a mighty man of God his whole life, even though he had only served with us at our church and college for the past 11 years.  He pastored in his hometown for 32 years!  Isn't that amazing?! 

It was wonderful to hear stories of those who knew him "back when" and to realize that his faithful service had been well established, even before he came to bless us with his ministry at our church.

His wife, Mrs. Earla, showed amazing fortitude and graciousness at the service.  Her spirit of faithfulness and cheerfulness have been a real blessing to us as well.



Our prayers are with her now, as she goes through her first weekend without her best friend.  I'm thinking that the first church service without him will be difficult.  If you think of it, would you pray for her this Sunday?

On the home garden front, our cucumbers are doing quite well on the front porch, but we had to move the tomatoes outside.  Just yesterday, Doug woke me up an HOUR BEFORE my alarm to tell me that we had our first cucumber blossom!  It IS exciting, but boy – his timing needs a little work!!! 🙂 (Apologies for the less-than-spectacular photos.)



Isaac has been doing well.  He is sleeping a LOT these days.  I think it must be that pre-teen growth spurt.  He turns 12 this month, can you believe it???

He has been very healthy the past few months and we are so, SO grateful for that!  This summer, he will be having some dental work done, under sedation, but other than that, he is having no problems at present.


We are getting pretty desperate to get a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.  Poor Doug has had severe tendonitis in his left elbow and forearm.  It has been very difficult for him to get Isaac in and out of his carseat with the injured arm. He's left-handed, so it is particularly bothersome to him; but fortunately, he is very ambidextrous, and can write on the chalkboard with either hand for school! 🙂

I am having good days and not-so-good days with my back, but I am trying to stay busy every day.  I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, but I am not discouraged about that.  It could have been a much worse diagnosis when it comes to back problems!  I am continuing to try to eat in a healthy way, take all my supplements and get exercise.  The exercise is coming along very slowly, but I am determined to keep at it.

Popcorn, the Healthy Snack

The dogs are doing very well.  We've been able to go out in the evenings and let them run for a while.  They really love that.  Newton can still run Kepler into the ground.  She just cannot keep up with his long legs; but she sure does have fun trying! 😉


I did manage to catch a really fabulous video of them running with the dogs next door, but unfortunately, my phone won't download it into an email.  It says I don't have enough memory.  I'll keep working on that, and maybe I can share it with you later.

By the way, I have a coupon code that is active right now in my Etsy shop:  ILUVMOM  Feel free to use it for 20% off any purchase:  Alesha Kay Jewelry

I pray that you have a wonderful weekend.  Ours is supposed to be a hot one with temps in the 90's.  I will be attended a family reunion outdoors tomorrow…we are praying that we will be blessed with a nice breeze!


Alesha Kay



Oh Kepler!


Keppie got stuck under the bed today.

Tell me, how does this fit under the bed in the first place???


I had to move the whole bed just to get her out.  I think her new nickname is going to be "Heifer"! 😉

Happy weekend, y'all!

Alesha Kay

What a Lovely Day!


Doug and I had such a nice day together on Friday.

It was one of those days when not one thing went according to plan!  It was, however, a day full of fun surprises:

  • avoiding the traffic jam on I-4 by doing a u-turn on the ramp, driving through the median and hopping a curb to get back on the road.
  • wandering around Kissimmee looking for a place to eat, but finding all the nice restaurants closed.
  • seeing a road that Doug recognized, taking it and ending up on the road on which we meant to end our day.
  • eating Turkish cuisine for the first time.
  • looking for a used bookstore, with written directions from a barista, and never finding the store.
  • deciding to not return the way we came, and looking for a bead store.
  • finding the mall that the bead store was supposed to be in, and learning that the entire mall was empty except for a few store on the end near Outdoor World.
  • walking through Bass Pro Shop (now, I can say that I've been…nothing spectacular, in my opinion)
  • finding a new way to get to the road we were on before, so that we could go to Whole Foods before we headed home.
  • going home with freshly ground cashew butter (yum!)

Now a few pictures from our lovely lunch. (I do apologize for the poor quality – my cell phone is notoriously difficult to hold still while pressing the shutter button.)

Hot Lemon Green Tea



Fabulous Turkish Bread.  We were amazed and asked for instructions!



"Just use your knife and poke it!"  Steam billowed out as it collapsed.


It was served with amazing authentic hummus (very similar to mine, I am proud to say), pickled cabbage and Kalamata olives.  The taste combinations were extraordinarily delicious!


Soup of the Day – Lentil, with a squeeze of lemon on top



Falafel Wrap with Tahini dipping sauce



Lamb Kabob with grilled Veggies and Rice (that Doug said was amazing!)



Turkish Pistachio Baklava



Anatolia – our Lovely Surprise of the Day



And of course, one of the best things about being out in Florida is the always breathtaking Sky!


Our day was full of twists and turns (literally and figuratively); but we enjoyed our time together and made some wonderful memories.

Changes to our plans are not necessarily bad!

Embrace the unexpected with an air of expectancy.

God will surprise you in ways you would never imagine.




Foto Friday – Macro Vision


I'm trying to learn how to use the "macro" setting on my camera.



Hmmm…seems like my focus is a bit skewed,

Sorta like my internal focus sometimes…

Only seeing clearly the dried, dying, ugly parts of my life…

Somehow overlooking the new, vibrant bits of color that are popping up all over.


I need to appreciate the new growth, the new beauty…

Inspite of the barren background.


What are you focused on today?

Blessings to you,


Foto Friday

This week:

I worked with these lovely pieces for the Bead Soup Blog Party.




I chose some lovely gemstones for a custom piece of jewelry.




I spied this crimson-capped fella in my orange tree again.




I took out some of my frustrations by hammering on copper. 



(It is very cathartic!)


I also spent much time in prayer for my precious friend Robin Boyle.  Robin required an emergency c-section to deliver her 7th child, a baby boy named Mark Seth.  She then needed 32 pints of blood, and is currently still in ICU, due to blood clots in both lungs and failing kidneys.  If the Lord lays it on your heart, would you pray with me for Robin?


Then, on a much smaller scale, would you please pray for Isaac?  He caught our caregiver's cold, and has developed quite a cough.  Praise the Lord, he has only run fever one night, and we are praying that he stays stable and that the cough doesn't turn into pneumonia.