Hope as an Example

Today, I'd like to focus on one more reason for you to have hope:

Your children will learn to have hope if you have hope.

They will also learn to be hopeless if you model that in front of them.

By way of personal testimony – My mom is, and always has been, a great believer in the power of prayer.

As a child, any time I voiced a need or want, my mom's automatic response way, "Well, let's pray about it."
I suspect there were times when she had the provision to meet the need right then, or she knew that the need was already being met.

However, she used my necessity as a training tool to push me, to encourage me, to go to the Heavenly Father when I had a need that was beyond my ability.

I know that there were many times as an adult that I prayed out of mere habit. Often, I lacked the faith that God was going to answer my prayer. The practice had already been put into place, though, and so I prayed anyway.

Many times, God was merciful, and answered those prayers that I asked halfheartedly; and every time He did, my faith grew. I learned a little more about the character of my Heavenly Father. I realized that He liked to give good things to His children. I determined to continue asking.

Through the years, my faith has grown. I have seen miracles. I have seen Christians and non-Christians alike wag their heads in amazement at what God has done for me and for my family.

  • Not because I am a great Christian.
  • Not because I'm anything special.
  • Not because I am so spiritual.

It's because I keep asking. I keep going to God with childlike faith, simply believing that He will meet my needs.

And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them?
I tell you that he will avenge them speedily.
Luke 18:7-8a

He's been meeting my needs all my life, because my mom taught me how important it was to go to God with my needs.

I learned to pray, because prayer was important to my mom. She lived out that belief, and I learned by her example.

Observe your children.

  • Are they hopeless?
  • Are they troubled and anxious?
  • Do they have little faith in God's provision?

If so, they are mirroring what they see in you.

Our only Hope for a life of hope is in Jesus Christ. The only way we can learn about that Hope is from the pages of the Word of God, the Bible.

We need to read it for ourselves, study it, hear it preached by Godly men, sing about it, talk about it, live it out.

A life centered on Jesus is a life filled with Hope.

Your children will learn to be hopeful or hopeless by watching your example.

What is your life teaching them?

2 thoughts on “Hope as an Example

  1. LOL, Bren! That’s how I feel a lot of days when my Bible reading/study hits me with a truth like this!Even Isaac mirrors me in excitement, anxiety, anger…I have to be really careful, too.It’s hard work…that’s why parenting isn’t for wimps! LOL!Thanks for reading! You are a good friend.Alesha


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