Hope in Good Health

Often when we are in the depths emotionally, there has been a physical trigger to start that spiral.

If we were quite healthy when we entered into difficulties, they can quickly take a toll on our physical well being.

Be sure to monitor your health. Is it suffering? Sometimes all it takes is a look at our diet and nutrition to find the cause of our lack of energy and interest.

Or perhaps there is some physical condition that you have been ignoring, waiting to visit your doctor at a more convenient time.

Don't put off that visit any longer. See your doctor.

If you don't care for your physician, then by all means, ask around. Find out who others are seeing. Ask if they would recommend their doctor to you. I have done this each time we have moved to a new town, and without fail, I have found good doctors each time.

So, I hope to be back soon with regular posts about our Door of Hope, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Until then, I encourage you to take stock of your physical condition; and do whatever it takes to bring your body back into good health.

I also encourage you to be reading your Bible daily. You can find your own Hope there in its pages.