Tuesday, 26 May 2009

I went to a chiropractor today.  My SI joint is completely "out". 

where I've had all the pain for the past 5 weeks, but over the weekend
it was suddenly much worse.  The pain has been excruciating. 
Reluctantly, I agreed with my doctor to take some medications for it. 
Then today I was able to get to the chiropractor.

I will be
going back to the chiropractor several times to try to adjust it back
into place.  It is going to be a painful process, but I can't continue
being unable to walk more than a few feet at a time.

Praise the
Lord they had an opening for me, and that we had the money to pay for
today's visit.  God is merciful and gracious, even while we're walking
through the valley.

Doug and Isaac are doing well.  It is still
raining every day.  Our little pepper plants are doing great, but we're
a bit worried about the tomato plants.  No tomatoes yet.

And courtesy of my gardenia plant, here's a pic of my favorite way to enjoy those fragrant blossoms:

Floating in a crystal bowl of water.  The house smelled beautiful for days.

Blessings to you,