Thursday, 28 May 2009

I was so blessed to have my sweet friend come to help me out in my
house today.  The cleaning and cooking and straightening and folding
and organizing and driving me to my appointment was much appreciated! 

The conversation and fellowship, however, was even more appreciated.  How precious it is to have a kindred spirit!

am still in a great deal of pain.  I slept last night sitting straight
up in a high-backed, winged-back chair.  My feet and legs were not very
happy about that, but the excruciating pain in my thigh, pelvis and
back was kept at bay, and that's what was most important. 

I am back in the chair again, having tried without success to find a
pain-free position in the bed.  It's like a bad toothache that just
won't ease up!

thought, due to the fibromyalgia, that I knew how to deal with living
with pain.  I think I was wrong.  I think I only had a tiny little clue
about what it's like to live with serious, chronic, ongoing pain.  I am
sorry for thinking I was an expert.  And I am more than a little bit
sorry to now be learning that concept! 

I am hopeful, though,
that the chiropractic adjustments are going to help.  (I did tell the
doctor today that he was fortunate that I was not given to foul
language, because I would have had quite a few things to tell him today
as he was adjusting my back!)

said that Isaac had a wonderful day today at therapy.  He always sends
me pictures from his phone when I can't go with them.  As soon as I
figure out how to get those pics off my phone and onto the computer, I
will share them with you.

Well, only a little over 4 more hours until daylight…counting down the hours until I can take more pain meds.