Getting Better…

Isaac and I had a quiet day together yesterday.  It was my first day
alone with him, and the Lord was merciful – Isaac had a sleepy day. 
That means he was a little bit easier to care for because I didn't have
to readjust him quite as many times during the day, as I would have if
he had been full of vim and vigor!

I still have quite a bit of
pain while changing him, but it is tolerable.  I am sitting in a chair
to do his changes, and I lower his hospital bed down to the right
level.  We are so thankful for that bed!

I am also able to do
some stretches now with my leg, and that seems to be helping with the
pain when I stand and walk.  The chiro started working on my neck this
week.  My spine is in deplorable condition, unfortunately.  However, as
I continue to lose weight and visit the chiro each week, I am confident
that I will eventually have a healthy back to go with my healthy body. 
I didn't get in this shape (or lack thereof) overnight, and it will
take some time to reverse it.  I am trying to not be discouraged with
our new eating plan, and just keep going forward with it.

I just
wanted to say again, "Thank You!" for your prayers and for your sweet
words of encouragement.  They have meant so much to me, and have helped
to carry me through the past seven weeks – particularly the past two
weeks.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I pray you all
have a wonderful, fun-filled weekend, and that you and I will be able
to be in the Lord's House on Sunday to worship Him together,

is a little succulent in the same flower pot with my gardenia. It
decided to bloom today right outside Isaac's window.  So pretty!