Such a Nice Weekend

We had a really great weekend here in sizzling hot Florida.  Even the weather took a little break and was not in the high 90's the entire time.  We had a few showers that cooled things off a little bit, too.

On Saturday we decided to go on an adventure.  For us, you know, sometimes an "adventure" means that all three of us are in the truck and we're not going to a doctor's appointment!  So for us to go out of town – and not to a doctor – was an especially adventuresome day.

We took a trip to a grocery store:  Whole Foods Market in Orlando.

We didn't even know about this chain of stores, nor that we had one close by.  So when my brother, Michael, told us about it, we were eager to check it out.  (and praise the Lord for his other recommendation of "don't forget to take a cooler!")

It was one of the best shopping experiences we've ever had.  The employees in the store were extraordinarily helpful and polite. (Unlike the man at the mall last Saturday who asked me NOT to stand in front of his kiosk with Isaac if I wasn't buying anything because I was blocking his display!  And he did not have one customer at the entire enclosure!  So rude!) 

It was Saturday, so of course, the store was very busy; but even the other shoppers were polite and kind and smiled at my child.  Doug commented on it as we were living – that it was one of the nicest shopping trips for Isaac in a long time.  No one stared, or commented…maybe it was just because we were in a bigger city.  I don't know, but we had a nice time there.

Of course, everything was extremely expensive.  I'm going to be checking out their website today to see if they have online coupons or a magazine or newsletter, something that might have the occasional coupon.  If you know of anything, please let me know.

(The first thing I did see on the website this morning, as I grabbed the link for you, was a recipe.  And just look what recipe it was!!!  So funny, considering last week's mix-up!)

We found lots of yummy foods to try.  It was especially nice to have choices in the frozen food sections.  It is good for us to have a few convenience foods in our freezer all the time, and while we can find organic, healthy things at our local grocery store, our choices are very limited.  There's only one frozen organic vegan soup that doesn't contain soy (which I try to avoid); and only one cheeseless vegetarian pizza on a whole wheat crust.  It was really exciting to have so many choices and be able to try a few new dishes.

The produce was lovely and they had a nice selection.  The prices there weren't too bad, about the same as our local store.  If we were presently eating meat or seafood, they had many, many choices, including an octopus salad that was so gross looking I couldn't even stand to take a picture of it!  <<<shiver…>>>

There was a huge deli and pizza bar, along with a massive cold and hot food bar.  There were still lots of things that we really shouldn't eat for our diet, but it was nice to just look and smell.

On Sunday, we were both able to go to church, which is always a blessing.  We also worked really hard all weekend on laundry.  I feel like we made a respectable dent in it! : )

Well, it's lovely to be starting a new week.  I pray that you have a productive and peaceful Monday!


2 thoughts on “Such a Nice Weekend

  1. Oh I love Whole Foods market but you are very right they are very, very expensive and I am not sure but I don’t think that they have coupons~ but I could be wrong!
    I am glad that you had a pleasant shopping experience…
    People can be so rude and kindness and being polite seem to be the exception and not the rule.
    So sad and telling of today’s society…
    Wishing you a blessed and joy-filled week!


  2. LOL – I had octopus salad at church on Sunday!
    Sounds like a wonderful adventure! YAY! for a new store to check out ;o) AND WOOT! for all of you being able to go and have a good time without rude people to deal with!!
    Hugs & Prayers!


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