Did you know…? (Fun Food Facts)

green peppers are actually unripened red or yellow peppers?  They should mainly be used for cooking.  Red and yellow peppers are sweeter and taste better in salads.  If you are picking green peppers, pick the ones with red streaks as they will be sweeter.

…when celery is too green, it tends to be bitter; but if it's too white, the nutrient value is low.  Try to pick stalks that are in between.

asparagus becomes tougher the longer it sits.  For the best flavor consume within a few hours of picking. 

cucumbers are technically a fruit, as are avocados and tomatoes.

…summer squash – including yellow crookneck and zucchini – are interchangeable in recipes.

avocados should yield slightly to gentle pressure when ripe.  Store unripe avocados in a closed paper bag on the counter.  When ripened, remove from bag and refrigerate immediately.

…the sweeter the carrot, the higher its nutritional content.

cauliflower is known for its cancer-fighting properties.

bananas are not ripe until all the green has disappeared and speckles begin to appear on the skin.

…green grape stems indicate fresh grapes, while those that are old will be dark.

…a well-ripened mango will be multi-colored and aromatic, and will yield to pressure, but not be mushy.

…the best way to choose a cantaloupe is by smell.   Also when ripe, the end of the cantaloupe opposite the stem should be soft and yield to gentle pressure.

pineapples do not ripen after they have been picked – they only rot.

All Fun Food Facts taken from Recipes for Life from God's Garden by Rhonda J. Malkmus.

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