Well, This is What I Think…

How many times have you heard the above comment? 

And how many times has that comment been followed by a list of grievances, complaints, or negative opinions about someone who is not usually present in the conversation?

I've been reading about all kinds of complainers in the Bible…and I'm not too sure that I feel like complaining about anything for a while.

  • When Miriam complained about God's man, God gave her leprosy. 
  • When the 10 spies came back complaining, God refused to allow them to go into the Promised Land.  
  • When the children of Israel complained about the giants, God refused them admittance into the Promised Land also.
  • When those same 10 spies encouraged the children of Israel to complain, God killed them with a plague.

The Bible also uses the word "murmur" quite often.  It has the following definition:  To grumble; to complain; to utter complaints in a low, half articulated voice.


Well…I think…

God doesn't like complaining.

6 thoughts on “Well, This is What I Think…

  1. I know…I convicted myself! Twice already today, I was just about to speak, when I heard in my head “God doesn’t like complaining!” LOL!!!


  2. Very good post! He reminds me often about any complaining! We have so much to be thankful for instead! Ever put pennies in a jar for every complaint? Great way to save money!!!


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