Update to Prayer Request

Well, the doctor could not find anything wrong with him, and assumes he has something viral.  If he continues to run fever for 3 more days, then we will take him back.

BUT she could not check the shunt of course (it's in the back of his head, under the skin…here is a site explaining shunts) and so we will be going to see the neurosurgeon next week.  If by next week, the fever has stopped, then that will be a good indication that the shunt is just fine.

So thank you for praying.  His fever is still down, and he has been acting like he feels ok.  We'll check his temperature again, as the sun goes down.  That's when it tends to go back up.

This has been one of those days that all parents of special needs children will understand.  There's a problem with my child, but because he can't communicate with us, we have no idea what it is.  We visit the doctor, and they can't tell us either.  So we wait, and pray that the issue is resolved or that it makes itself known.  However, we don't want our child to become more ill.  Our only choice is to wait, but that is so difficult.

This is one of those days when that digital readout on Isaac's forehead seems like a really good idea.: )

Birthday boy with daddy

I'll keep you updated on how he is doing.

Thank you again for praying for us,

8 thoughts on “Update to Prayer Request

  1. Ah so sorry he’s not well. I do detest those mystery illnesses when it could be down to so many different things. I want that digital readout too – I hope neither of our shunted kiddo ever needs a replacement but if they do, perhaps that’s something we could ask the neurosurgeons to upgrade with?
    Really hope he’s doing better this evening and that if he isn’t, the site of the infection becomes obvious.


  2. Actually Isaac has had 2 revisions of his shunt. The first one was before we adopted him, but we had just met him, and were able to be with him for that surgery. The second was in Dec. of 2007.
    I don’t want another one, either, but I’ll definitely have to ask about the digital upgrade if we ever go through it again. : D


  3. I would LOVE a digital readout!! Hugs & Prayers for peace, strength, & wisdom to know what needs to be done.
    Hang in there girlie!!


  4. A digital read out?? What will they think of next? Does the fact that he has no pain make it less likely that it is a shunt issue? I assume (I know we are not suppose to assume…) that pain accompanies shunt malfunctions.


  5. Tia and I were teasing – tongue in cheek – about the digital readouts! It would be so nice to have that for our kiddos, one that told exactly what was going on in his little body. : )
    I don’t know if Isaac is in pain or not. Quite often, if the pain is not severe, he laughs about something hurting. For instance, if I accidentally scratch him while changing his clothes, he laughs. His brain doesn’t “read” pain properly, if that makes sense.
    So considering the fact that he has been pretty rowdy yesterday evening and today – noisy and wiggly – I could think two things:
    1. The Motrin is making him hyper
    2. He has pain somewhere.
    I believe that you are right, shunt malfunctions usually cause a horrible headache.
    When his went out in 2007, we didn’t know anything was wrong, until he literally would not hold his head up or his eyes open one day.
    By that time, the surgeon told us he had never seen that much cerebral pressure in a person’s head before. The fluid literally shot across the room and hit the wall. (TOO much info, I know!!!)
    So, if we get to that point, it is almost too late. PRAISE GOD that it wasn’t!!! : )
    A verbal child should be able to tell you when something is wrong with the shunt. Our non-verbal kiddos are another story, entirely.
    That’s why I always ask folks to pray for WISDOM for us! We really need it!!!!! : D
    Thanks for YOUR prayers, Bren! They mean SO much to me!


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