Such a Lovely Day

I have had such a nice day.  Isaac was happy and content and seemed to feel a little better today.

I got 2 packages in the mail today!  Isn't that exciting?  The biggest box was full of BOOKS from Doug's mom!  Whoo hoo!!!  Plenty of reading material for a looooong while!

The second little package was a mystery to me, until I opened it and found this beautiful hand quilted piece:


Look how it matches my pillow!!!  Bren didn't even know what colors I had in my living room, but she couldn't have matched it any better if she had tried!  Bren's work is exquisite, I can tell you.  I cannot even begin to wrap my brain around the amount of work – and LOVE – in this piece!  Thank you, sweet Bren!  I will treasure it always.

It is just so beautiful, and I think I might find a place for it as a wall hanging.  Won't that be so pretty???  I'll have to find just the right hanger for it.  : )

So, such a nice day for me – full of loving wishes and great surprises!  God is so good to me!

Blessings to you,

3 thoughts on “Such a Lovely Day

  1. Alesha~ I came here from Bren’s post. Isn’t it so much fun to get things made with love from a good friend. I think the colors are great. Hope your headache got better quickly, I get tension headaches and the medication I take for them also has caffiene in it but it sure does help..makes the screwdriver plunging into the side of my head more like just a ice pick :), which is a great improvement. I would like to add your blog to my blog list, would this be okay with your??


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