Something New…Yet Very Old

What a wonderful blessing…I have a new Bible…


…one of my favorite things in the whole wide world!


This is only the fourth new Bible I've owned as an teen/adult.  I
earned my first reference Bible at the age of 16, I think.  I spent the
summer painting my dad's workshed in our backyard, and my "pay" was a
brand new green Schofield reference KJV Bible
I was thrilled to finally have a "grown up" Bible. 

I bought a smaller
black Schofield Bible while in college.  (I worked in the bookstore, so
I got a discount!)  Then several years ago, I bought a generic burgundy
Bible (still KJV) with no references in it.  That's the one I've used until now.


I love the smell of a new Bible, the feel of it, the cleanness of it.


I know it will not stay clean for long…my goal has always been to
have a dirty Bible!  By "dirty" I mean that I want it filled with notes
and references and marked up places.  I love to see watermarks from
tears and smudges of fingerprints all over it.  I like creases in the
cover and a frayed ribbon marker.  I want my Bibles to be a testimony
of all that God is doing in my life.


I think I'm really going to enjoy this one.  It is a lovely burgundy
color.  (I do like my bible in different colors!)  It is a Cambridge
Bible (KJV).  It has no references and no concordance in the back.  I
would've preferred a concordance, but it wasn't available in this style
and size.  I don't like my Bibles to be too big for my hands, you
know?  I want it to be easy for me to handle.


I cannot live without a Bible.  It is just too important to me.  It is not that I am super spiritual…it is because I am super needy!  I cannot get through a day without some kind of input from this Book that God has magnified about His Name (Psalm 138:2).  If it is that precious to God, then just consider how precious it should be to us.

I am so thankful and thrilled to have a new Bible…but I am even more grateful for the Words in that Bible.  They are not new.  They are ancient and yet they speak right to my soul today; and I am thrilled to know that when I need something for my day tomorrow, this Book will hold the answers that I need.

7 thoughts on “Something New…Yet Very Old

  1. GIRL! You blessed my life & touched my heart today and I wanted you to know it! Not only did a receive my ADORABLE hand made butterfly earrings that I am wearing right at this moment..even went through the struggle of putting them on w/o a mirror..which i usually need..cause its difficult to get up w/ my poor sore big toe..( don’t know if you saw..but I tried to rip the whole toenail off & ended up going to the ER!) the earrings couldn’t have come at a better time! But then.. THEN..I read your blog about getting your new Bible. I agree completely..about every word you wrote! The smell..the feel of God’s Word in your hands..and how He speaks to us every day! The same PRECIOUS WORDS..but NEW stuff out of them for the day at hand! I got to thinking when you mentioned we are so needy for God’s Word..and How it is always refreshing, admonishing and new..And I am not sure why..maybe Granny said.. Hey Lord.. remind her how precious Your Word always was to ME too ..and how I tried to make sure she knew that! eyes are welling w/ tears here..remembering how precious God’s Word was to my Granny! She read it all the time..especially every night before bed..And that was probably my biggest influence to do the same! She was 100 yrs old when she went Home to her Lord in February of 2006, Alesha! and when Bro. Wiggins would go visit her..all she would say was how she loved God and His Word and how ready she was just to go Home and meet Him! They only thing she couldn’t understand was why she was still here!! CAn you imagine that? We cling to things of this earth sometimes so tightly! and all she wanted was to be Home with her Lord!
    THank you for helping me remember some sweet memories and to recall again how VERY precious God and His Word is to me..AND the Christian FAMILY He has placed in my life, my SISTER in Christ. I love you! ms lynn


  2. Aw, Lynn! You have blessed my heart too! I’ve been having a really hard day. I’m so glad you like your earrings, and that they came at a good time! Sometimes a pretty little something can really lift a girl’s spirits, huh? : )
    Your Granny was such a sweet lady, and an inspiration to me while I knew her. I didn’t know what an impact her Bible reading had on you, though. What a reminder for us that little eyes are always watching!
    I did read about your “uh-oh” with your toe. : ( I’m so sorry there is yet one more thing that is causing you pain. Your sweet spirit, through it all, though, is a real encouragement to so many. Remember you used to sing that song by Christine Wyrtzen, “Fire”? I think of that often. “But He always knows what’s best, and it’s when we are distressed that we really come to know God as He is.”
    Thanks for sharing what you’re learning as you get to know your God. : )


  3. I loved this! My Bible is worn and torn and stained and I just wood glued the binding back together (it had been taped many times) I would love a Scofield study Bible. I have a Nelson Study Bible, but it is a NKJV and I really prefer the KJ. My KJV is a Thompson Chain Reference and I disagree with some of the notes, so I don’t even read them. I just bought an ESV, as I heard it was closest to the KJ and I loved the smell and cleaness of it. It is not as close to the KJ as I thought though. đŸ˜‰


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