Were You Wondering About Us? :)

We are doing fine here in sunny/rainy Florida.  (You know, we have them each in turn: the sun and the rain; and then we have them together: sun showers – one of my favorite kinds of rain.) πŸ™‚

Isaac is doing well, although since Friday, he has not slept one night through.  He had been sleeping so soundly every night for almost a month; but suddenly he is finished with that.  I guess it was just too boring for him!  So now he is waking up a couple of times each night, or either he never goes back to sleep after he first wakes.  He does sometimes nap between 6-8 a.m., but then stays awake the rest of the day. 

So, obviously, Doug and I are t-i-r-e-d!  I feel like we are burning our candle at both ends, and the wick is just about completely consumed.  It's a good tired, I guess. 

We are making it to all the church services (twice on Sunday and again on Wednesday night.)  I'm also managing choir practice on Sunday evening and Wednesday evening, and special music practice on some Sunday nights after the service.  It's a lot, but I am enjoying it.

Isaac seems to really enjoy being in the church building with all the people before and after the services.  He always has enjoyed noisy places.  I've read that the NICUs in the hospital are very noisy places, and that preemies get used to that level of noise.  They find it soothing.  Isaac's foster parents told us that when they first got him he cried all the time; but he would quiet down in his favorite places:  church and Cracker Barrel.  : )

People are getting to know him, which is nice.  Folks are asking me questions about him, which I much prefer to staring. : )  Some people have volunteered to watch him for us during a service, but there is much to be considered before we can do that.  He needs to be changed during almost every service, but there isn't an appropriate place for that yet.  When it's just him and Daddy, it's no big deal; but others will need to be trained to lift him.  They will also need to learn to recognize his seizures, as well as learn how to engage him so that he doesn't become overstimulated, noisy and obnoxious!  (although he does that last bit with us sometimes, too! lol!)

Daddy has decided to take a much needed day off of therapy today.  It does make quite a full week for him when he does all the church services and both days of therapy.  Each trip to therapy is 4 hours of driving.  The therapy is totally worth the drive time; but occasionally we just need a break. : )  Hopefully we'll be able to get Isaac's hair cut today.  He is getting a little "shaggy".  ; )

I guess that's it for today.  We're struggling right now with our diet, and have not been eating as well as we should be.  It really takes a toll on my energy levels when we don't stick to the eating plan.  That's my only excuse for not blogging as much as I should. : /  Every week, we are getting back on track a little more.  Lord willing, my energy levels will rise with each healthy habit we practice. 

I pray you have a great day, and can count each of God's blessings as He gives them.


5 thoughts on “Were You Wondering About Us? :)

  1. Just wanted to let you know we finally had a good night last night. I’ll be praying for you tonight! See ya tomorrow! 😎


  2. Isaac was getting more than enough sleep via cyberspace from Joshy… we are going to need to talk to our boys again!!
    So glad you are able to get to church on a regular basis now. Singing and all – YAY!!


  3. Hope your week continues to be a good one. Remember, old Smutty Face is going to try to do whatever he can to discourage you and keep you away from church. I’m praying for you! πŸ™‚


  4. Wow Alesha, sounds so familiar I definately know how to pray for you guys specifically. Hope Isaac sleeps better soon.


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