From Japan…With Love

I had such a lovely visit with Laura and her children yesterday!  I felt like we had known each other forever, and were just getting together for an afternoon out.  It was really odd to be with someone who you had never seen in person before, but feel like you had just chatted together the day before.

Here's the photographic proof of our lovely visit!


Aren't we pretty together in our red and green Christmas tops?


The beautiful, vivacious Bekah


A smiley Josh (so delighted that I caught that cute little smile!)


And here's will-o'-the-wisp Kei with Mom.  I'm telling you, it was like trying to "catch a cloud and pin it down" to get a picture of this little sweetie pie.  She was a busy, busy girl.


Here's the whole gang, with a new little friend that we met in the PlayPlace at McDs.


Just beautiful!



Kei and her new little friend, enjoying the huge slide!


Sisters in constant motion (but can you blame them, after a 12-hour flight from Japan, then a 2+ hour from Indiana to Florida – all in a 3-day span???)


Josh signed "please" to let us know that he wanted up off the floor.


Kei sitting still for just a minute, saying "goodbye" to her new friend.  (this little girl's dad, mom and teenage sister sat and patiently waited for her to play for over an hour…very sweet!)

We had a wonderful time together.  I just wanted time to stand still for a while, so we could visit just a little longer.

Laura brought me a beautiful gift from Japan  A sweet tea set and chopsticks for Doug and I!  She said the chopsticks would help with our diet! LOL!!!


I left the Japanese newspaper in the pic, because I thought it was cool!


I didn't get too close to this page…it is a family-friendly blog, after all! LOL!!!  But I had to include it because it's just SO Japanese! 

Really, Laura, Doug has a thing about reading the papers that people wrap stuff in.  He loves to read the papers in his mom's packages, especially.  He did say, however, that some things are just SCARY in ANY language!!!



Thanks, Laura, Bekah, Kei and Josh for a wonderful visit!  I enjoyed it so much!  And yes, we will need to do it again…maybe next time we can meet you in Indiana! :o)

And thanks to everyone who prayed for a safe and peaceful trip for them.  Laura said everything went really well.


I guess you probably noticed that Doug and Isaac weren't in any of our pictures.  That's because our little man started running fever yesterday.  He still has fever today, as well as a nasty croupy cough and a runny nose.  I'd appreciate your prayers for him, that this will clear up on its own, so that we don't have to visit the germ-ridden doctor's office with him.



5 thoughts on “From Japan…With Love

  1. Praying for Isaac.
    What a wonderful visit you had with your sweet friend. I do understand….I felt the same way when I met Niki a couple of years ago. It was like meeting family!


  2. How neat! and the gifts are so pretty! Had to chuckle at the newspaper….=)
    Sorry about Isaac, praying he gets better soon!


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