A Grumpy Little Post

Ok, so…

I composed an absolutely brilliant blog post…

this morning…

in the shower. 

It would've won awards, I tell you!

However, life has happened…

and the blog never did…

and now…

it is g.o.n.e!

So, we'll do a little bulleting and see how that goes.


  • Isaac has been sick
  • The doctor finally agrees that he has a sinus infection, and gave us an antibiotic
  • He has been coughing and coughing and coughing and coughing
  • I have not been getting very much sleep
  • Today, I am very grumpy

Ok, so that was the first thing I wanted to share.

Here's the second:

  • It is COLD in Florida
  • Really, really cold for days on end
  • I do not own enough long sleeved shirts for a week of cold weather
  • Go figure!
  • Also, my ankles have not been warm for about 6 days.  I also don't own knee socks.
  • I have 2 pairs of long pjs (fortunately they are both fleece)
  • I am C.O.L.D!!!
  • And I am not ashamed of that, either! šŸ™‚

And here's some other random things:

  • Isaac loves his new Mary Poppins video
  • He is finally feeling a little bit better after the 4 days of fever ended
  • I got all the Christmas decor put away over the weekend, thanks to my helpful hubby
  • My "creamy nutmeg" Harry Slatkin candle is so yummy it makes my mouth water
  • It might snow here over the weekend
  • I have taken all my vitamins EVERY day for over 10 days – a new record for me!
  • I knocked my computer off the table today, and pieces fell off and parts fell out.  It was awful.  I started hyperventilating.  I felt a little dizzy.  My life flashed before my eyes.
  • God is gracious, and the parts went back in and packing tape is holding the pieces on.
  • I am NOT looking forward to the next month's electricity bill, after running our a/c heater for this many days in a row
  • I have been taking oil of oregano (since I got sick over Christmas with a nasty winter cold) and it is wonderful stuff.  I think it is really helping me feel better.
  • Well, except for today…because I am TOO COLD
  • And I NEED a NAP!!!

Sigh…I know this hasn't been the most uplifting blog post.  I tried to mix some positives with the negatives.  I am grateful for a heater that works!  And clean clothes.  And that Isaac is feeling better.  Here, maybe this will make you feel better:

My mom's pretty petunias in bloom for the holidays šŸ˜‰

Are YOU staying warm?  And getting enough sleep?  Oh, and don't forget to take your vitamins, too!



7 thoughts on “A Grumpy Little Post

  1. LOL…I am SO not getting enough sleep so I am right there with ya, and it’s cold here too, but at least we expect it and have the proper attire! :))))
    so much for global warming
    hmmmm, must get waterproof laptop installed in your shower!!!! I need to read awe-inspiring posts šŸ™‚


  2. I LOVED your bullet post. I could see you as your laptop fell….feeling dizzy!!! Too funny! I did not have internet for a day and thought the world must have gone on without me!
    Cold??? I am sure you are cold, my friend, as we all are. It is going to hit a high of 11 later this week, but for now it will be below zero. I heard that Missouri will see 25 below and North Dakota has 50 below wind chills…..I will take my -4 and live with it!!!


  3. Oh.My.Goodness!!! Negative four degrees????? Arrrrr…my bones are aching just thinking about that! I was only in weather once that was at zero. It was the coolest thing this Florida girl had ever seen when the bank thermometer said “0”! šŸ™‚ So, I can’t even imagine temps colder than that.
    Stay warm, my friend!!!


  4. I blog in my mind all the time and then when I sit down to type – poof, it’s all gone. I feel your pain and frustration!!
    I am so tired and so jet lagged. Thank the LORD Josh is feeling much better, but his time zones are still messed up too… I know we will get over these silly colds and jetlag, but yikes I do hate it. Hang in there! LORD willing you will get some sleep soon.
    I’m also cold… I had forgotten how much I miss central heating and warm bedrooms. Global warming ~ YEAH, Right 8-P
    Hugs & Prayers!


  5. Poor Guy!I sure hope Isaac gets over this real soon.
    I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one who thinks of a blog and then can’t remember later. I thought it was just old age.
    Yip, know all about being cold. I have a sm heater by my legs all the time I am at the computer. A blanket over me if I watch tv. And an electric blanket on my bed.
    I hardly ever wear short sleeves. Have lots of long sleeves and I still wear a fleece jacket over them. I will have to ajust to the hot weather they have hear this summer. I may be cutting off some of those longs sleeves shirts.
    My goodness Alisha, that is so sweet of you to offer a trade. Just let me send you the picture, it is nothing really.OK? Stay warm!


  6. I think it might be a bit colder here but snow in Florida? That really doesn’t fit with my mental image of your state!
    Re the cold ankles, try tucking your trouser legs into your socks if you can – it’ll stop cold air getting up the trouser legs. Could you borrow a pair of Doug’s socks? Not pretty but if you’re inside anyway…
    A hot water bottle behind the knees can warm the ankles up – it warms the blood as it goes down to your feet.
    Stay well


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