One Busy Week Followed By Another

We had an insanely busy week last week, as did most folks in our church.  We had a wonderful Bible conference that went from Sunday through Wednesday, morning and evening sessions.  Although I wasn't able to attend the morning sessions, I was able to watch them via our church's website; so I set aside time each morning for that.  What a blessing that was to me each day!

I was also able to sing a few times last week; and of course, performances mean practices as well.  So any extra time I might have had was swallowed up with practice sessions and then singing.

I have talked before about how much I enjoy singing and how it really feeds my soul, so I enjoyed my time spent preparing for the services.  I found out that I have a cousin who can play almost anything I ask her to try.  If you are a singer you KNOW how much of a blessing that is!!!  I told her she was my new best friend!

Isaac was not able to attend all the services, but enjoyed watching them online with his dad when they had to stay home.  We had some bowel issues with him last week, and it took the entire week to resolve them.  Somehow, I let it slip passed me that the antibiotic he was taking for his sinus infection could cause constipation.  Ack!  So, we dealt with that.  It was not pretty and it was not enjoyable for any of us; but he feels so much better now that everything is moving along nicely for him. (pun totally intended!)

Both mine and Isaac's sinus infections seem to be healing.  I am almost through the antibiotic, and am feeling so much better.  Isaac still has a nasty cough, especially in the mornings, but it is not keeping him (and us) awake at night now.  Praise the Lord for that!

On the diet front, we did not do very well over the holidays, and Doug and I have both gained a few pounds.  My doctor did not seem at all concerned, and said that everybody was having weight issues after the holidays.  I did feel a little better when he said that! 

We are faithfully continuing with our supplements, and have started back on our regimen of carrot juice every day.  Even Isaac is getting carrot juice this week!  We are hoping to avoid last week's issues, and thought that carrot juice would certainly be an all-natural alternative for him.

Next Sunday is a big day at our church.  We will be celebrating the Pastor's 39th anniversary!  That is quite a record for pastors these days, and we are so grateful for the faithful man of God who serves as our pastor. 

We try to invite as many folks as possible, and aim to break the previous year's attendance record.  The idea is not to brag about the numbers, but to have as many folks as possible under the preaching of the Gospel.

Last year we had over 4,000, with over 1,000 of those riding in on our Sunday school buses.  After the preaching services, we have a huge carnival set up on our high school football field with food, games, rides, etc.  The young people (and adults, too!!!) have such a great time that afternoon! 

As a teenager and young adult, it was always one of the highlights of my year.  It's really wonderful fun…well, for almost everybody.  The guys that volunteer for the dunk tank sometimes have a rather chilly time of it, depending on the weather!!! :)  We are praying for a beautiful, warm day for all the fun activities.

Last year, there were 300 children, teens and adults who made professions of faith in Jesus Christ during our anniversary Sunday service.  Those were, of course, followed up by our bus workers and visitation teams.  What a joy to think that they came to church to celebrate an anniversary, but they left celebrating their own spiritual birth day! 🙂

Well, I guess that's enough of an update for now.  God has been so good to us, and our cups are really filled to overflowing after the great preaching we heard this past week.  We look forward to letting some of that spill over now on those who visit on our special Sunday service this week.

It has been said that a sponge that merely soaks up water will eventually sour; it must be squeezed out in order to fulfill its purpose.  God blesses us so that we can then bless others.  We need to allow the Holy Spirit to "squeeze" us, so that we can minister to those around us. 

May God bless you as you pass on your blessings this week,


3 thoughts on “One Busy Week Followed By Another

  1. You have been busy, girl friend! So glad you and Isaac are feeling better. Praying you will be 100% very soon and then stay that way for awhile!!
    The anniversary celebration sounds amazing. Please take some pictures to share with those of us who can’t make it!
    Hugs & Prayers!!


  2. Sounds great! I like the way you put it about coming to celebrate an anniversary, and ending up celebrating their own spiritual birth-day! That’s what its all about!! May the LORD bless even greater this year!


  3. I just read your page about Isaac. I didn’t realize you had adopted him. I think that’s wonderful! I have been dealing with quite a few of the same health issues at my current job. Every day is a new learning experience!


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