Learning to Read

Do you ever feel inadequate?

I'm not talking about the

"Oh, my!  I didn't get the laundry finished today!"

deficiency ;

but the

"I don't even know what thoughts to think today!"

kind of inadequacy.

Some days I just feel overwhelmed with the lack of ability that I exhibit.  Inevitably, though, I connect these feelings to my lack of time spent with my Heavenly Father.

When I am in the Word, I get instruction for my daily life; but I also find more than that.  I am taught how to deal with emotions; I learn the thought processes of God; I find wisdom in His dealing with others; I see how He leads in ways that aren't always clear to His children; and I find peace knowing that He is in control.

All of these things give me comfort and guidance.  The Holy Scriptures sift through my own selfish thoughts, and the Water of the Word washes away the grime of the world that has lodged in my mind.

Oh, how I need the Word!  I cannot even think the right thoughts without the wisdom of God.

Do you feel inadequate today?

Run to the Word.  Read it.  Then read it some more.  You will find the thoughts that you need to think.  You will find His guidance there.

God bless you as you read!


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