So, Bullets It Is!

Otherwise I will never remember to tell you everything! 🙂

  • Our Anniversary Sunday at our church was a wonderful day!  We had over 3700 is attendance, and over 400 professions of faith.  The first time visitors and those who accepted Christ will all be followed up by various members of the congregation.  The really exciting thing to me was seeing so many families that attended together.  You could see them everywhere after the service as they enjoyed the huge carnival that is put together for the children and teens every year.  It was SUPER cold that Sunday – so rare for Florida – but lots of fun!  We even took Isaac over for a little while, and he (and Daddy) managed to snag a rubber ducky with the winning mark, and came home with a cute stuffed duck! 🙂
  • Doug and I were able to go out Saturday by ourselves, a real treat for us.  We found a used bookstore, that only carried hardback books.  I came home with a couple of new (to me) mystery books.  We enjoyed lunch together and then bought groceries at the Wal-Marts. ;)  Such a nice day!
  • Grammy and Isaac had a nice time together, while we were out.  She brought over his Valentines Day card and gift.  Here they are, along with the balloon we bought him (and paid TOO much for!), and a little Valentine from his little friend at church who was so sweet to remember him.

  • We took Isaac for his first visit to the Dentist yesterday.  And get this, his dentist name is Dr. Bopp!  Isn't that funny?  He had no cavities, and no issues at all.  We were so glad!  He does have plaque that is building up because he doesn't eat by mouth.  They suggested to brush his teeth 3 times a day, and that would help to prevent it.  We are going to do our best to keep up with that.
  • We found a HUGE Goodwill store, and had so much fun looking around.  We found some books, and a few shirts – one for Isaac and two for me.  $4 for a plus size shirt is a good deal, and Isaac's was only $2.  Gotta love Goodwill!!!
  • It is cold again in Florida…has been for several days.  I've just learned to dress in layers and have been comfortable in the house.  Our electric bill was astronomical for last month, but the Lord is good and provided the extra that we needed!
  • I am making vegetable soup today.  It smells really yummy, and I can't wait for the boys to get home so we can dig in. 🙂
  • OH!  I got a new garbage can.  Here she is…she is bee-yoo-tee-full!

DSCN0292  Altview

Doug's uncle Roger made this gorgeous creature!  We had one just like it for years, but when Isaac was in the hospital for a month, a sweet friend cleaned out our frig, but forgot to empty the trash.  We were never able to get the smell out of the wood, and so had to throw the trashcan out with the trash.  We were heartbroken!  Uncle Roger finally relented to get his tools out of retirement and make us a new one.  We LOVE her!!!

I guess that's it for my bullets.  I'm going to have to allow myself to post shorter blogs, so that I can post more often.  I always want my blogs to be ju-u-u-ust right, and so I put off blogging until I have more time.  It seems like that "more time" almost never happens.  So, I'm working on how to rectify that situation. 🙂

Blessings to you,


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  1. Thanks for the update! And with that very minimal, but heart felt comment I must run to get Josh’s feed started, get him dressed and ready to head to school, Kei’s arm wrapped…. yeah.
    Thinking of you and sending lots of HUGS & Prayers your way!! Wish we could sit down for a nice long chat!!!


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