Days of Decisions

We spent yesterday in Orlando, left the house at 7 a.m. and got back around 5 p.m.  It was an exhausting day, but we had a little fun too.

Isaac had several tests run in the morning, some of which were a lot of work for Mommy and Daddy.  He doesn't really care to have his head strapped down, or to lay still for multiple x-rays and ultrasound pictures.  So we got the quite the workout (especially Daddy) leaning over exam tables and  keeping head, legs, arms and torso still enough for the technicians.

After that was all finished, though, we were able to go for lunch.  It was a nice treat to have new choices to choose from.  We chose Jason's Deli.  Doug had one of their massive baked potatoes and I had a Portabello Wrapini.  And yes, it was just as yummy as it sounds. 🙂

When our lunch was finished, we headed over to Isaac's neurosurgeon's office, where we had a productive visit with Dr. Gegg.  He listened carefully to our story of Isaac's doing so well immediately following surgery; and then he suggested we change the settings on his shunt.  We decided to go with his recommendation, and are hoping that this will make a difference in his comfort level and his overall enjoyment of life.

It will take time to tell if the setting works well for him, but I will tell you this:  for the first time in almost 3 weeks, he slept the whole night through!  What a blessing that was.  If his sleeping through the night is the only change that takes place, that will be enough for me to know it was a good decision.

When our doctor visit was over, we headed to Whole Foods, where we thoroughly enjoyed shopping through their awesome array of organic products.  We even picked up supper from their food bars:  black beans, yellow rice, plantains and hummus.  The plantains were probably fried, but we just sort of overlooked that…they are too yummy to pass up! 🙂


Now, I need to ask you to pray for Doug's grandma, Charlene.  She is the most spry octogenarian I have ever known, but during the last year, she has begun to have heart problems. 

She is in the hospital right now, and later this week will be having open heart surgery to repair 3 blockages.  Please pray for her.  She is very special to Doug, as she had such a large part in parenting him. He was raised by his mom who was single from the time he was around 3 years old, and his grandma who was a widow for the majority of his childhood.  He looks on her as his second parent, really.

So, we decided that Doug really needs to be there for Grandma's surgery and he is flying up to Ohio on Thursday to be with his mom and grandma.  He will be gone a week.  Those of you who know how our household functions will know that it is a huge decision for Doug to be gone this long.  If you think of us, we would really appreciate your prayer for Isaac and I while Doug is away.


I guess that's it for my little update.  I am sorry that my blog has not been very upbeat lately.  It seems that things have been hitting us from all sides, and we are just treading water for now, keeping our heads up.

Through it all, though, we have not lost faith in the ways of our God.  We know that He leads us into seasons of peacefulness, as well as into seasons of storms.  He is the same God, and we can still trust Him; and that is what we have decided that we will do. 🙂

Blessings to you,


3 thoughts on “Days of Decisions

  1. Wow! I hope you will have some help with Isaac while Doug is gone? You all will be in my prayers for sure!!!
    This has been a valley you all have been walking through for sure, you will get through it and be on the other side….soon I hope!!!
    Hang in there, we are thinking of you, wishing we were closer to help out!!
    Hugs and prayers,


  2. Praying, especially for Dougs grandma and his trip north and all that means for all of you!!
    YAY for a whole night of sleep!! Josh actually slept last night after 2 really rough nights. Praying both our boys will get into a good sleep routine!!
    BTW ~ Just keep swimming…just keep swimming! Love ya!!


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