From the Land of Nod

I feel I could write an entire post about the lack of sleep, but I fear that at some point I would lull my readers into the state that I am so earnestly craving!

Oh, yes, Isaac did sleep last night — from 9 pm to 11 pm.  <sigh…>

(My hat is permanently tipped to every single special needs mom out there in bloggy land!)

You would think that the dose of Diastat (that would render a small elephant senseless, I think) would have worked to not only control the seizures that have been increasing in number all week, but would have also helped him sleep for longer than 2 hours.

But, alas, it did not.

He has been happily playing with his ribbons, while alternately listening to music and watching Gaither videos for the past 9 hours.

I'm glad he's Happy…just wish he would pick a different Dwarf to imitate – particularly, the one with the "Zzzzzzzzzzzs" above his head. :o/


I did nap occasionally throughout the night, out of sheer exhaustion; but between the soggy diapers, the medication administration schedule, and my overactive mommy-radar, I never slept for more than an hour and a half at a time.

It's those darn ribbons, I tell you.  He won't settle down and sleep because he is compulsively chewing them, and I can't sleep because I'm afraid he will choke on them. 

I don't dare take them away, because then I would be compelled to listen to his whine-moan of "Uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh" with every breath.  It's the Isaac equivalent of "Mommy…mommy…mama…mommmmm." 😉

Well, I guess I'll wrap this up now.  I leave you with this final thought:

I feel my aggravation growing and my intelligence slipping with each sleep-deprived hour that passes.

If I start posting gobbledy-gook at some point, you'll know why. 


P.S.  For the humor-challenged folk out there in the blogosphere, I need to assure you that this post was written wholly tongue-in-cheek.  While I am indeed sleep-deprived, my ability to care for Isaac is in no way diminished.


(sorry, I just couldn't resist one more!!!) ;o)

4 thoughts on “From the Land of Nod

  1. I completely understand! Just try to get some rest during the in-between times. Sometimes people wonder what I do at work all night. I think you might understand 🙂


  2. Are boys are chatting AGAIN! Josh slept from 9:30~11:30 last night and then decided he’d had enough! Extra melatonin, pain meds & antiacid did NOTHING! I feel your pain with the 1 exception that Jerry is here and he took the 1st shift since I was under the weather last night. I’ve still been up since about 2:30… gonna be a long day 8-P
    Praying for you dear friend. Praying the Isaac will be a good boy and let you get some much needed sleep!!


  3. Well I like your sence of humor in all this, it is great. All I can say is “and this to shall pass”. I will pray too that you can get some much need rest and sleep!


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