Continuing to Trust His Heart

The weekend has been incredibly busy for us, and it was not because we were celebrating the birthday of this great country of ours, unfortunately.

On Saturday, we realized that Isaac's shunt need to be re-adjusted.  He started trying to vomit after sitting upright in his chair for just a little while.  We made an appointment for him to be seen on Sunday at the children's hospital by the neurosurgeon.

They did x-rays and a CAT scan just to check everything out.  The shunt is fine, as is the tubing leading from it.  However, the shunt had been pulling so much fluid from his brain that his ventricles had completely collapsed!  His test, however, looked ok.

I've done some research this morning on over drainage, and it can apparently lead to a subdermal hematoma, so we are really grateful that did not happen.  

I asked him this morning if his head felt better, and he smiled for me.  That was really good to see!

Also, on Saturday, my mom gave us quite a scare.  She was fixing lunch, and suddenly felt the room going dark, and her jaws began to hurt.  She managed to call out to my dad, and sit on a stool in the kitchen.  He was able to hold her up there, but she was completely unresponsive for a little while.  He called us for Doug to come over, then they called 911.

By the time the EMTs got there, she had come to, but was obviously a little confused and very upset.  The EKG they did at the house showed no problems, but of course she went to the hospital.

They did every test known to man, I think.  Several EKGs, echocardiagram, CAT scan on brain, chest x-ray, ultrasound of neck, MRI of brain, tons of blood work and blood pressure checks – laying, sitting and standing.

They found nothing wrong.

Incredible, yes?

They "suspect" she had a TIA or mini-stroke, which they said was completely self-healing, which is why they feel they could find no evidence of it.  She will follow up with her doctor later, because, of course, he was out of town for the holidays.

So, I headed home last night, and she came home this afternoon.  She is feeling much better today, although she is still having problems with vertigo.  She has been having issues with that for several weeks, and had already been to her doctor where they had done extensive blood work the week before last.

Of course, this rattled us all pretty thoroughly – my dad especially.  Although she is feeling better, I know we are all wondering if everything is really ok.  We'll see what her doctor says.

Also on Saturday, Doug's mom had to call 911 for his grandma.  She was feeling very poorly. (Remember she just came home last Monday after having open heart surgery.)  They felt she was ok, and did not feel the need to take her to the hospital.  She was feeling better when Doug talked to her yesterday.

I am so thankful for those who were praying for us…I was able to get a status up on Facebook, but only had my phone, so could not manage to blog.  If the Lord lays our family on your heart, we would really appreciate continued prayer for her recovery, for Doug's grandma's complete recovery and that Isaac's shunt would do it's job properly so that he is feeling much better soon.

It's really been a time around here…maybe we can all get a little rest this afternoon.  I am SO SO thankful that Doug was home before all of this happened.  Even the timing of the "bad" things is in the hand of the Lord, and we continue to trust Him.



4 thoughts on “Continuing to Trust His Heart

  1. What an exciting weekend 😯 Praying that you can space the excitement out just a bit and have it be good excitement for awhile!!
    Hugs & Prayers dear!!


  2. Oh my!!! It’s time for a break for you guys and your family!!!! I will continue to pray!!
    Hang in there!!


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