Cowboy Isaac

Isaac is still coughing, but we figured the sunshine and fresh air would
do him more good, than harm; so he saddled up and went riding!






He loved it!

Doug said when they took his hand to reach out and pet the horse's mane, he just laughed!  So exciting!

Now we just have to remember to shop for a hat that fits.  His head is so small that he needs an adjustable extra-small.  With all of us sick, we just haven't been able to get to Tractor Supply to see if they carry one.  So that's our goal for next week. đŸ™‚

I have succumbed to the "yuckies" and now have my own fever, cough and congestion. :o(  And, quite honestly, Isaac is a much more pleasant patient than I am!

Our caregiver is working out wonderfully, even though we've had a glitch in the funding.  It's incredible to me that some businesses even stay afloat with the way they conduct their affairs!!!  But it is what it is, and we will just work (within) the system as best we can.

Happy trails to you, until we meet again,


3 thoughts on “Cowboy Isaac

  1. So sorry you wound up getting sick!!! It’s awful when mom’s get sick!!!
    I love that Isaac is riding! How wonderful! Happy Trails!! :))


  2. Giddy UP!! WooHoo on the riding!! So glad he was well enough to go. Praying he will continue to feel better and that Mom will follow his example and get to feeling better soon as well!!
    Hugs & Prayers!!


  3. Awesome! I love those laughs that the horses bring out in our kids. Great photos. Praying for the yuckies to clear out of your house quickly. Love in Christ,


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