Just the Two of Us

I spent the day with my hubby today.  He was manning a booth at an educational conference, and I was able to go along with him.

What a blessing to leave my house, very calm and not worried, knowing that Isaac would be cared for so well! 

I am so grateful for our caregiver!!!

It was fun to see what my hubby does when he attends these conferences, and to help him out (a little) at his booth.  I was also able to connect with a few old friends I had not seen in person for quite a while.  It's encouraging to see that they are still involved in Christian education, teaching children about the Lord!

Doug and I had a lovely lunch, although we will probably not choose to return to that particular chain restaurant.  We were just not impressed, even though they sent us out the door with free muffins because it was our first visit there!  We were, however, together, and that was the important focus of this day.

Our gorgeous fall weather has finally arrived – which means the temps are in the low-80s during the day; and I am looking forward to a good weekend.

Blessings to you,


P.S. I am planning to have a big sale in my jewelry shop in the month of November…be sure to stay tuned for the details! 🙂

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