Happy Tuesday

Good morning, friends!

Isaac'c cough is still quite formidable, but he is definitely feeling better!  Praise the Lord for that!  Yesterday, he had lots of giggles and belly laughs, and was content and happy all day.  That is such a blessing to see after so many days of his being miserable with fever.

Doug and I both feel like we are trying to fight something off, so we are being faithful to drink our veggie juice and to take our vitamins, and we're also avoiding sugar.  We know those things will help.  I am using my netipot, too, but Doug is just not as fond of that device as I am. 😉

(Well, to be completely honest, I am having a little bit of sugar.  Doug found my favorite seasonal creamer at the grocery store last week — "Gingerbread Latte".  Oooooo…I just love that flavor!)

The flowers in yesterday's blog were from my sweet husband over the weekend.  They are still so pretty today.  I appreciated them so much, and am realizing again, just how important beauty is to us as women. 

I forget how it lifts my spirit sometimes just to look at something gorgeous.  Since I am inside most of the time, I miss so much of the beauty of nature.  Now that it is cooling off some here, maybe I will be able to get outside more often.

We have an unexpected "day off" today, as we decided to not take Isaac to therapy today.  Our caregiver doesn't come on Tuesdays, so that makes it "just us three" here today.  Maybe we can mark something off the never-ending "honey-do" list today! :)  Or maybe we can just watch a movie or play a game — we definitely want to do something "fun" on this impromptu holiday. 🙂

Well, I suppose that is all I have to say this morning.  I hope you have a good day.



One thought on “Happy Tuesday

  1. So glad Isaac is feeling better. Giggles are so wonderful! YAY! for a day off together ;o) ENJOY! Maybe you can get something crossed off that “honey-do” as well as enjoy a movie and/or game. Whatever, I’m sure it will be wonderful to just have some family time!!
    Gingerbread Latte – OH… I think I am glad they don’t have that here! But, I do need to check the import store, just in case ;o) Last winter I had some gingerbread tea – it was WONDERFUL!!


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