A Month of Thankfulness


November 4, 2010

Today I am Thankful…

…for the Word of God.

It is a living, breathing Book. 

The world would call it "magic", but we call it "inspired." 

It has an answer for every need.  It is perfect, without error, infallible.

It has been preserved, especially for me, today.

Psalm 119 gives the following synonyms for God's Word:

  • the law of the Lord
  • his testimonies
  • his ways
  • thy precepts
  • thy statutes
  • thy commandments
  • thy righteous judgments
  • thy word
  • the judgments of thy mouth
  • thy precepts
  • the word of truth


If I have all of this at my disposal, literally at my very fingertips, how is it that I don't spend enough time in its pages?

I pledge allegiance to the Bible,

God's Holy Word.

I will make it a lamp unto my feet,

And a light unto my path.

I will hide its Words in my heart

That I might not sin against God.

~The Pledge of Allegiance to the Bible