A Month of Thankfulness

November 26, 2010

Today I am Thankful…

for beauty.


There is a time to be sober and see the pain of those who are hurting so that we can empathize with them.  There is a time to acknowledge the pain that we are feeling ourselves, rather than live a life of denial.

However, we cannot stay focused on that all the time.  If we do, our souls begin to wither and die.

We must take time to recognize the beauty around us, to stop and smell the roses, to drink in all of nature's splendor.

I have found that on the days when the pain, whether physical or emotional, is overwhelming me, I can choose to focus my mind on beauty:

  • the beauty of Scripture,
  • music,
  • a lovely story,
  • pretty crafts,
  • a handful of colorful beads,
  • my son's laughter,
  • a growing plant,
  • the pleasant breeze blowing.

There is beauty everywhere, if we will only take the time to notice it. 

Noticing beauty draws our hearts into attitudes of thankfulness. 

Attitudes of thankfulness focus our hearts on the God we are thanking.

Focusing on the greatness of our God brings our heart peace.

When we look at it that way, beauty brings peace.

{Now, that is something to be thankful for!}