A Month of Thankfulness

November 30, 2010

On this last day of November

I am Thankful…

…for my life.


I really love my life.

Oh, it is not always easy.

I'm sure, like you, there are things I would like to change.

If I could go back, I would right some wrongs and avoid some mistakes.

However, when all is said and done, I know that God has been gracious to me each step of the way.

  • Even in my mistakes,
  • Even during times when my heart was cold,
  • Even when I allowed bitterness to grow,
  • Even when I completely lost hope…

He has been so good to me.

The Lord has poured out His mercy on my life again and again.

He has filled my life with blessings that cannot be counted. 

(Even in a month of daily blogging…there were so many other things about which I could have blogged.)

He is daily leading me, as I seek Him.

God is good. 

He has blessed me with a good life…

…and I am very thankful!