Managing My Mondays


I did not do much "managing" yesterday…the day sort of just ran away from me!

And it was Monday…

All.  Day.  Long.

(Eventually I headed to bed – out of sheer self-preservation.)


Today is looking a little better.

I am hopeful, any way! šŸ™‚


I would appreciate your prayers:  yesterday, our truck died.  My dad tried to resurrect it, but was unsuccessful.  Today it was towed to Johnny's Automotive and Tire Service where we are hoping they can perform their usual miracles.

The real issue at hand, though, is that we are in need of a "new" vehicle.  Isaac is almost too big for Doug to get him into his special carseat in the backseat of our Explorer.  He's just so long now, and of course, can't help with the process at all.

We could use a vehicle that we can roll Isaac's wheelchair up into, with him safely strapped in the chair.  That would be a real blessing to us.

We have felt for months now that our getting a new vehicle was a true "need."  However, since God has promised to supply our needs, and He has not yet supplied a new vehicle, I guess it really isn't a true need…Yet!

However, since the towtruck arrived this morning to take Bessie to the truck hospital, I do believe that day is fast approaching!

If you think of it, we would really appreciate your prayers for a vehicle for Isaac.

Blessings to you today,


P.S.  It is super cold here today!  We actually had to bring in the plants last night, so they wouldn't freeze!  It actually feels like Christmas outside!  Yay!




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  1. PRAYING! I know I struggle to get Josh in and out of our van and he’s smaller than Isaac. I don’t know how Doug does it! Praying you will be blessed with a new vehical soon!!


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