A Weak Wednesday

Well, my blog for Sunday didn't happen…

And managing my Monday?  Ha!  I laugh!

My Tuesday was thankful, but it didn't get blogged about…

and Wednesday…well, it's almost over, too, but I thought I would squeeze in a small update.


Last Thursday, Isaac came down with what the doctor is 98% sure was the flu.  By Friday, I was sick with it, too.  We are still recovering – barely.

We did take Ike to the doctor, today. (I use "we" quite liberally, here – it was actually Doug who left work early and took him.)  His lungs are clear – praise be to the LORD!  The other things we were concerned about were the increased seizures, and that fact that on Monday and Tuesday, he slept 12 and 14 hours, respectively.

Y'all know Isaac doesn't sleep well.  So when this phenomenon happened 2 nights in a row, we got very concerned.  The doctor thinks it's all due to the flu.  Increased seizure activity due to sickness is normal, and the doctor thinks that Isaac is just sleeping so much because the flu wears a person out so much.  (And yes, I can attest to that!)

So, we are mending.  Resting.  Coughing.  Sleeping.  And counting our blessings that Doug has 2 days off at the end of this week to be here at home with us. πŸ™‚

That's it for us.  I really hope that your Christmas was completely different from ours!!!


(My only feeble attempt to take a Christmas tree picture this year.  Remember I said I liked blurry Christmas light pictures? It's a good thing, huh?)



2 thoughts on “A Weak Wednesday

  1. oh boy, you have had more than your share of sickness, and over Christmas too!!! ugh! I am so sorry!
    Praying you guys all get better real soon!
    Hugs and prayers!


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