Yes…and No

Yes – I know I need to blog.

No – we are not still sick.  Ike and I are recovering nicely.

Yes – I know many of you have snow right now.

No – I do not want snow here, thankyouverymuch!

Yes – Karen got it right – I am putting all of my music onto the computer.

No – I am not finished yet.  Ugh!

Yes – I'm having tater tots for lunch.  They're organic and so is the ketchup!  So HA – carb, schmarb!

No – We have not given up on our Hallelujah Diet…I just wanted something hot.  It's hard to eat salad for lunch when I'm wearing knee socks.

Yes – I am enjoying my new phone…A Droid Incredible.

No – I am still not smarter than the phone…it has me beat by a long shot!!!

Yes – I am going to see Cirque du Soleil® — La Nouba on Friday, and I am totally psyched!

No – Isaac is not going.  I am going on a date with my hubby! (with my brother, his wife, her parents and my parents)  hahaha… 😉

Yes – I've had lots of blog subjects on my mind lately…some serious…well, ok, mostly serious. 

However, I do feel the need to work through things before I share about them here. I like to share my thoughts with my blog readers, even the somber thoughts; but I want to make sure I always share them in the right way.  I don't want you to come to my blog and be discouraged, or leave feeling hopeless.  I would be doing you a disservice if either of those things happened. 

I don't mind if you come to read my blog and leave feeling convicted or angry or in disagreement with me. That means I have caused you to think seriously about a subject, and that is a great compliment to a writer.  

I just want to be sure to lead you to a conclusion of some kind:  to never read my blog again, to disagree with me completely, to agree with me wholeheartedly, to feel that I should never cover that subject again…something!

I have no plan to change my blog format or anything of that nature.  I've just been thinking "heavy" thoughts, and should I choose to share them, I want to be sure I say exactly what I think, no more and no less.

More importantly, though, I only want to say here exactly what the Lord would have me say.  So…I wait until I'm sure.

Yes – I do feel better having shared that.

No – I'm not depressed.

Yes – I DID finish copying my cds while I blogged!!!  OH, YEAH!!!

No – I did not eat my meal with absolutely no vegetables.  I had OLIVES!!!  That totally counts!!!


Thanks for reading,


4 thoughts on “Yes…and No

  1. LOL – tater tots & olives – sounds yummy! I enjoyed your post a lot – thanks for making me smile and think a bit, too.


  2. Mmm I have a loaf of bread in the breadmaker – and I have sliced green and black olives into it. Smells heavenly; I can’t wait to grab a hunk of it (1 hour 26 minutes and counting)!
    Heavy thoughts. I hope you never feel under pressure to blog. With my own blog, sometimes I need to post a “this is us, here and now” type thing, and other times I need to put a distance between events before I type. Some things are completely unblogged, and other things stay in draught – it’s the writing them down I need, rather than the act of sharing them.
    If you decide to formulate your thoughts and share them here, then I look forwards to reading them. If you decide not to, then I look forwards to reading whatever you blog instead. As and when you do.
    I never do understand people who read blogs apparently only to comment negatively on them – why do people choose to read something they completely disagree with? Surely it’s a simple matter just to not decide to pay a visit? My blog is my virtual sitting room; come in, take a seat, be welcome – but please remember how to be a good guest. I hope I don’t walk dirt through your virtual carpet when I visit you!
    We don’t have tater tots here. I now want some!


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