Managing My Mondays



I hope you are having a good day today. 

Having suffered through many, many Mother's Days while struggling with infertility, I know this day can be overwhelming and painful for those who long to be in a loving relationship with someone. 

I really can't do anything to make that pain any better, but I can remind you that Jesus understands your pain.  He can help to ease it, if you will allow Him to work in your heart and life.  His Word can offer you comfort and understanding; and His love can sustain you through even the most lonely days.

For those of you who welcome this holiday, I wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day!!! πŸ™‚

My Monday started this morning about 7:30, when Isaac decided he needed some dry attire to wear. ;)  By 7:45, I found myself flat on the floor, contemplating just what I had injured in my graceful tumble.  I know, I know – how in the world do you fall down on a flat surface???  I don't know, exactly, but I offer this feeble explanation:

Somehow my pajama leg got tucked under my sock, which started my downward momentum, and said pajama leg also prohibited the "grippies" on the bottom of the sock to do their job properly – that of gripping the floor.  I sort of pitched forward, grasped for a handhold, twirled around and plonked.  Down.  Hard.  Quickly.  On the floor.  And then my head hit the gargage can.

Had you been a fly on the wall, I'm pretty sure you would have laughed.

Thankfully, Isaac is very merciful and did NOT! πŸ˜‰

One of the reasons he may have felt less inclined than usual to laugh at Mommy is that I screamed at him on Saturday.  Really loudly.  When he head-butted my nose!!!  He probably didn't want a repeat of that drama!  I did hear my nose "crack" when that happened, but my former-boys-basketball-coach-husband's best medical diagnosis was "Eh…it should be ok."


It is ok.  I have a slight darkening under either eye, but it just looks like I've been sick for a week or so.  And thankfully, I have some fabulous makeup that camoflaged it well.

So, Ike knows he'd better treat Mommy well today! :)  And he has been…I got a very sweet Valentine's Day card from him this morning. :)  I got one from my hubby as well, along with this cute little guy.


His name's Cassanova, of course! πŸ˜‰

So, managing my Monday this week, is going to basically mean managing the pain, which isn't too bad yet, all things considered. 

Isaac's caregiver is chopping veggies for our soup and our salsa, both of which will last us for a few days this week.  Our dryer still isn't working right, but thankfully, my mom is right next door, and her dryer is working well. :)  Plus, we were able to keep up with the laundry over the weekend, so we won't get behind with the dryer on the fritz.

I will be working on our budget a little later today.  I usually do that job on Friday and then again mid-week, just so we stay on top of everything.  My bank is launching on new website on Wednesday, so I thought I would get the budget work done before then, just in case the launch doesn't go as expected.

We have our water distiller running today.  We usually distill one gallon a day, M, W, Th, F and Sa.  That supplies our water needs through the week.  We don't consume the city water at all, so this water is for drinking, cooking and all of Isaac's water.  We add WaterMax back into the water to add nutrients and to make it alkaline.

My goal for this week is to also get veggies chopped up for salads.  I store each veggie in a container in the frig, so that they are ready to be used in a salad whenever we want one.  This isn't something I get done every week, but I would like to make it a weekly habit.  It helps us start out the week with good, healthy ingredients at our fingertips.

I pray that you have a good week.  Hopefully, the tasks we have completed today will help to make our week go a little more smoothly than it would without our careful planning.

Blessings to you,





12 thoughts on “Managing My Mondays

  1. Whew girl what a day! I am so glad you are ok and did not pull a “Laura” πŸ˜‰
    What a cute little gift your hubby got you! So sweet!
    I love your thoughts on Valentines day, it can be so painful for many!!
    Hugs to you!


  2. Oh. Mylanta. I will be praying extra for you that the soreness from the fall won’t be too bad and that it won’t mess your back up any more.
    You’re little gift is a cutie! πŸ™‚


  3. heh heh…pulling a “Laura”!!! LOL! I don’t know if SHE will think that’s funny, but I do! On second thought, she has a pretty good sense of humor, so she may LOL too! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  4. thanks, Joy. I laid there thinking “so what is THIS going to throw out???” LOL! so far, only sore and stiff – no major pain, hallelujah! God IS so merciful!


  5. Okay, so I must admit. I laughed at your description of your fall. You see I’ve done this same fall (sock caught in pj pants) way too often. My favorite is when I’m walking and the toe of one foot gets caught in the pajama pants on the other leg mid-stride. It makes for a hard fall, lots of pain and tears from laughing so hard while trying to explain to my running family what happened.
    Very cute monkey! I love the eyes πŸ™‚
    My brothers and I will be watching Toy Story 3 (shhh they don’t know yet)tonight while ingesting massive quantities of sugar. Should be a nice, fairly quiet evening.


  6. Oh goodness! Glad you didn’t “pull a Laura” (sigh). But you are going to hurt. Praying you won’t be too stiff and sore!!
    What is it with our boys and head butting on Saturday?!?! My leg still hurts from where Josh head butted me, or from the fall down the stairs…not sure which ;-P
    Good for you getting veggies all prepped and ready to go, that helps so much. Praying you have an awesome week!!


  7. well, I will be curious as to your brothers’ review of Toy Story 3. Ike got it for Christmas from Gma, but we thought it was a bit intense for a kid’s movie. Isaac doesn’t seem fazed by it, but we try to fast forward when the music gets intense.
    Ike’s caregiver said the monkey was cute, but not to leave it on my bedside table with those eyes looking at me during the night, because if I woke up they would look pretty scary! Ha!


  8. thanks for the prayers, my friend! i am not too sore today, except for specific spots that are very tender; and the muscle at the back of my upper left arm is very sore and knotted. i must have “caught” myself with that arm somehow, but i don’t remember that at all. so weird…


  9. Ouch on that fall! Took a tumble myself the other night. Turned around and “someone” had left a very, very small child’s chair in front of the gecko tank, which was right in my path. The room was mostly dark, I didn’t see the chair, and down I went. Grace should be my name.


  10. aw…Cher…I truly feel your pain! πŸ˜‰ sorry for your fall, too. I’m guessing you suffered no serious injury? at least, I can be thankful that Isaac never leaves toys (or chairs) laying around. πŸ˜‰ (although, he does occasionally throw them now…such a BOY!)


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