Symptoms of Sinusitis

Also titled

"Things You Find Yourself Asking…Yourself…When You Are Dealing With

The After-Effects Of The Stinking Flu."

(Pun totally intended!)

  • is the diaper just wet?
  • is it time for a new bath towel?(same question about the dish towel/dish cloth)
  • is the milk/juice still good?
  • do i have coffee breath?
  • do i have bad breath? (not the same as coffee breath!)
  • is it time to clean the bird cage?
  • that gas was silent, but was it deadly?
  • are isaac's clothes wet because of his slobbery toy, or is it something more? (same question about his bed pads)
  • should i use the Lysol before I leave the bathroom?
  • do my shoes/feet stink?
  • does the garbage need to go out?
  • Is the "cheater" plug between the water distiller and the extension chord melting? (don't EVEN let my dad know that is a legitimate question – Yikes!)
  • do Isaac's feet stink?
  • is it time to wash the dog's rug?
  • did I brush Isaac's teeth this morning?
  • does the house smell like last night's supper?

I know I take my ability to smell for granted. 

I also know that a good house-keeping schedule and proper grooming habits take care of most of these issues. 

However, when you are stopped dead in your tracks by the nasty flu, and the ability to smell is taken from you suddenly, it can really throw a kink into your day.

Laura, you have my sincerest sympathies (despite the humorous post)! 

And if this doesn't clear up soon for me, I might need you to give me a few pointers. 😉

Well, that's it for me…

Smell ya later…

I can only hope!!!



14 thoughts on “Symptoms of Sinusitis

  1. well, I am a tad disappointed to see that I did not earn an “LOL”…BUT I totally understand – a girl MUST have her standards! 😉 thanks, Dani!


  2. thanks, Cheryl…my goal is to hang on until Doug gets home (tomorrow evening)…I can do ALL THINGS through Christ which strengtheneth me! 🙂


  3. Awww you poor thing. Before Doug does get home I would just spray some febreze around the house and on yours and Isaac’s feet…..and maybe suck on a peppermint! LOL (((Hugs)))


  4. LOL!! I give you a pointer anyway ;o)
    ~ If there is smoking coming from the oven or frypan… something is burning!
    Praying you get to feeling better soon and that your sniffer gets back into working order!!


  5. ok, now THAT is good to know! thank you, my friend! truthfully, i have thought of you all weekend, & wondered how you manage…whew! thanks for the prayer =)


  6. When I told Jerry about your post / illness situation, etc… Jerry added another word of wisdom – If the smoke detector goes off, that’s another good indication that something is wrong ;o) (In case you don’t see the smoke!)


  7. Hmmm…now that is excellent advice, Bro. Jerry! thank you for those words of wisdom this morning. 😉 It sounds like you’ve had some experience with this particular subject!!! hehehehehe…


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