Isaac’s Accomplishments

Isaac had a Speech Therapy Evaluation yesterday.  He has these every 6 months.  Since the last eval, he has doubled his speech "score" and has advanced in his understanding his surroundings by 3 months!

This is a really huge accomplishment!

If you think back to when your baby was 18 months old, and think about what they could understand, and then think about your 2-year-old's understanding, you will get an idea of how he is advancing.

We have noticed, in the past several weeks, a marked absense of seizures, except when he was sick with a cold. 

We have also noticed that he is looking to his left – on purpose.  Now, we've been told that he has limited left-field vision in both eyes.  Meaning that he doesn't see to the left with either eye.  But now, he is looking to the left to see things, to look at things.  Obviously, his vision to the left is there to some extent, and he is using it now, when he didn't use it much before.

He is also "telling" us every time he goes potty.  Every time.  Even when he's asleep, he wakes up to tell us when he needs dry pants.

So, my boy is growing, not just physically, but also mentally, socially and developementally.

It is very exciting to experience life with Isaac!

Oh, and on February 22nd, we celebrated his 9th "Gotcha Day".

What a wonderful, amazing adventure it has been!

God is good!


6 thoughts on “Isaac’s Accomplishments

  1. That is so awesome, Alesha! I love reading about his progress! Way to go, Isaac!
    You got your little boy one day before mine was born! How fun! 😀


  2. You know, when Kyle’s seizures stopped, he gained like 3 years of “growth” in less than 1 year. Seizures stop lots of development. As Issac hits puberty, you will see a HUGE drop in seizures.
    Praising God for Issac’s incredible progress!!!!


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