IsaacPalooza 2011

We tend to drag out the birthday celebrations around here…they sort of go from weekend to weekend.  Isaac had a great week!


Homemade red velvet cake from Grammy


11 bright candles


You can be VERY sure that I didn't hold this close enough for him to reach it!

Isaac + Fire = {shudder}



We sang, Isaac tasted…it was all GOOD!


Later in the week, Elmo and Purple Sock Monkey showed up to extend the celebration.

All in all, Ike had a great birthday, I think.


On a side note, I was diagnosed with costochondritis this week.  While it has been extremely painful, I am just truly grateful that it wasn't something more serious.  I'm following my doctors recommendations and hope to be feeling better soon.

For those who read my earlier post about Benjamin, thank you for praying.  The MRI showed nothing, and they are thinking it was a cerebral migraine.  They are also going to take the MRI results to an American doctor there in Romania for a second opinion.  The last update I saw on Facebook said that Benjamin was doing fine and feeling much better.

Praise the Lord for the privilege of prayer, amen?  Amen!

Hoping you have a great weekend,




5 thoughts on “IsaacPalooza 2011

  1. Happy birthday to Isaac! He is getting so tall! Why do little boys have to grow up (asked by the girl whose little brothers tower over her.)
    Oh, Alesha! I just read that article you linked to and wow! Praying for you that you will have relief!
    Thank you also for the update on the little guy in Romania.


  2. I did pray for Benjamin. Charlotte gets migraines that have horrific symptoms, like stroke symptoms, and it can be very scary.
    Isaac looks like a teen!!! They grow up so fast.
    So sorry about the Costochondritis! It sounds painful, but the prognosis sounds good. Praying it resolves itself!


  3. ohh Jessie would love one of those purple sock monkey’s she has a “collection” of sock monkey’s. πŸ˜‰ Where did you find that?
    He does look like he is really growing up, I can see it in his face all of a sudden.
    Thanks for the update on the little guy in Romania, eek! Scary, I am thankful the MRI was ok !
    Hope you are feeling better soon, costochondritis is NO picnic. :/


  4. thanks, everybody! I know – he is getting SO tall. Doug (who is 6’3″) has to be very careful with his head in the doorways, lately!
    Karen, Doug’s mom sent the sock monkey. I have NO idea where she got it, but she did tell Doug it cost $23!!! I thought “Wow! That must be some special sock monkey!” I will ask where she found it though…sounds like something that might cheer little Miss Jessie up! πŸ™‚
    and thanks, everybody, for praying for little Benjamin! it was a scary time for all of us, and we were just praising the LORD when he started feeling better. πŸ™‚


  5. Isaac is so tall! I know that’s what everyone is saying, but Wowsers! He’s so tall! I’m glad he had such a great, extended birthday.
    Ouch on the costochondritis (scrolling back and forth to see if I’m spelling it right). Hope that condition eases soon.


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