A Holy Confidence

I have wondered at times about my reluctance to speak up for Christ in certain situations.  Do you ever feel the need to witness of Him, but feel embarrassed or timid or hesitant to do so?

I read this quote this morning in a free Kindle book I downloaded –The Art of Soul-Winning by J. W. Mahood.  He says,

"The witness of the Spirit will give a holy confidence to the soul-winner…

Much of the timidity and reluctance shown by Christians toward personal work may be traced to a refusal or neglect to live the surrendered life and have the clear assurance of acceptance with God."

Wow!  That is so true!

If I am living my life in an unGodly way, unsure of my own salvation due to sin I am harboring against my Saviour, I am not going to be willing to witness of Him.

Also, if I am indulging my flesh, refusing to submit my will to His in any area, I am going to be hesitant to speak of Him in loving, inviting words to someone who doesn't know Him. 

I feel embarrassed to be recommending a Christ Who I am not wholeheartedly following.

  • Do we want others to know our Christ?
  • Do we long for our loved ones to be saved?
  • Do we dream of being in Heaven with those we have lived with here on earth?

Just another compelling reason to live our lives in accordance with His Word and His precepts.

Our sin robs us of our confidence in witnessing of our Christ! 

May we be obedient to His leading so that we can, in turn, lead others to Him.

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