Surgery for Isaac and Prayer Around the World

Whew!  What a whirlwind 20 hours it has been!  Not even a full day – it's hard to believe.

Last night, Isaac would not go to sleep and we could tell that he was in pain.  Eventually we saw some swelling in his groin area.

We got him into the children's hospital as quickly as we could (around 1 a.m. this morning) and after sonagrams and x-rays, it was determined that Isaac had this condition.

They took him into surgery immediately.  Unfortunately, the condition had damaged the left side and it could not be saved.  Fortunately, the surgery was short and he had no complications.

We were sent home within 5 hours of his surgery.  He has been resting easy, with no complaining about pain or discomfort, since we arrived home.

I was so grateful for the many prayer warriors who stormed the throne of the Father on Isaac's behalf. 

  • It was amazing to have friends in the mid-west pick up the prayers as soon as we put it up on Facebook. 
  • They were soon joined by my west coast friends. 
  • It wasn't long after that before I heard from my friend in Japan who joined the prayer chain. 
  • Then my early rising east coast friends completed the circle, as they read and prayed for Isaac,
  • Followed quickly by another set of folks from the mid-west!

Isn't that just the most incredible thing?  We were amazed and awed to know that Isaac was being lifted in prayer all around the world.

We are – truly – so thankful for each of you who prayed for us!

Thank you!



11 thoughts on “Surgery for Isaac and Prayer Around the World

  1. I didn’t hear until it was too late to pray, but know I cover you everyday in my morning devotions!!!
    So glad to hear he is reating well….I am praying you and Doug rest also!


  2. So glad you guys are home, I hope you all were able to rest today!
    Prayer is an amazing gift! 🙂


  3. Hadn’t been on fb so didn’t know. Praying for a speedy recovery. Glad everything went well and that you are home again. Prayer is an amazing thing for sure! Praise the Lord!


  4. THANK YOU, Bren! That’s the cool thing about prayer…something you prayed for us last week may have eased the way for us yesterday! I appreciate your prayer SO MUCH!


  5. Thanks for dropping by my blog, Diana! 🙂 And thank you for your prayers for Ike’s recovery. He seems to be doing well today. 🙂


  6. Alesha dear, I have to laugh at your reply to Corin… Jerry was twitching some when I told him about Isaac’s trouble / surgery. I cannot even imagine Doug’s sympathy flinching!!
    So glad to see on your FB status that you all got some sleep. Praying for cotinued healing and rest!


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