Twenty-three years ago today

I cannot remember being nervous at all.


I only remember being incredibly happy…


…and feeling extremely loved.


We were just babies, and we didn't have a clue what things the future held for us; but our Lord has been wonderfully faithful to us for the past 23 years.


…and here's to many more!!!

5 thoughts on “Twenty-three years ago today

  1. Congrads!!!! May God continue to bless you both!
    I remember that day but does not seem possible it was that long ago but then again remember how tiny Christopher was?
    So very happy for you both.
    I especially like the pic of you & your parents
    Yes God is so good!
    Love & Prayers, “T”


  2. Congrats…wow you must have only been like 13 or 14 when you all got married…because you know you don’t look a day over 35….well you have 8 years on Bryan and me…i’m praying for you that you have like 50 more years of marriage…love you all…


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