Thoughtful Thursday

Well, Ike and I (and Newton and Kepler) made it through the day yesterday – barely. 🙂

I was dozing in my chair (a straight, Queen Anne-style chair, not a recliner – HA!) well before Doug got home at 5:30.  I was in bed by 6 and read until I fell asleep.

My back has been hurting quite a lot, and at least it eased up after I didn't have to wrestle with changing Isaac.  It is amazing how strong he is…he is deceptively puny- and sickly-looking; but to try to change his clothes or keep him from interfering with his feeds is quite a feat of agility, strength and avoidance!

This morning we were all awake by 6:30.  While changing Ike's first diaper, I pulled a muscle in my back (the one that wraps around the ribs.)  I was able to finish his change, turn on the dvd player and make it back to my bed.

Doug came and fed Isaac at 9, dressed him and took him to work with him.

I feel like such a failure when I can't even care for my own child.  It is hard on the ego (that Doug's co-workers have to be inconvenienced by Doug's attention to his work being diminished) but it's also hard on the heart and emotions – I want to be able to meet my child's needs.  It is a difficult place to be comfortable – literally and emotionally.

So, I'll try to keep the dogs from making too big of a mess today, sit on the heating pad, drink my barley and carrot juice and try to rest.

That's it for today's update.  Hopefully, tomorrow's post will be more upbeat. 🙂 🙂 🙂


5 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday

  1. (((hugs))) Praying for your back and peace of mind. Not only do we have to come to terms with our children’s limitations, but ours in caring for them.
    Love, Elizabeth


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