Praying for Isaac



Isaac has been having symptoms of shunt failure for about 3 weeks now.  We had to rule out ear infections, sinus infection, etc. to know what was going on.  I talked with the neurosurgeon PA yesterday, and she feels his shunt needs to be tapped to see what is going on.  (They have a tiny needle hooked to a tube that they literally "tap" into his shunt line, right through his skin on his head.)  If they get fluid there, they know the shunt is not working properly.

Doug is taking Ike to the children's hospital ER at 2 p.m today.  They will tap the shunt.  If it is not working, they will do emergency brain surgery.  If you recall the 03/10 surgery was to replace the tubing of the shunt.  This will be to replace the shunt itself – a much more serious surgery. 

Due to his previous surgeries, there could be complications.  His first shunt could not be removed due to the skull's calcifying around it.  It had been in place for 5 years.  They laid the 2nd shunt right beside that one.  That was 5 years ago.  If the same thing has happened to the 2nd shunt, I believe they would have to remove one or both of them to put in a new one.  That means lots of blood loss and much more extensive surgery.

Of course, I cannot go.  (I cannot sit up long enough yet for the ride there, much less all the walking, etc. that would be required.)  That is almost more than I can bear.

Thanks for praying.


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  1. Oh Alesha I’ll be praying. So hard on all three of you, I’m so sorry. I pray that the problem is obvious and that the solution is as simple as possible, and that there is no infection.
    Much love,


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