Learning How to Pray

We had a prayer request at our church, several weeks ago, for a young soldier who's feet and legs had been shattered by a land mine in Afghanistan.  (His great uncle is a member of our church.) 

I put his name in my phone on my daily calendar, and have been praying for him every day; but some days, I really didn't know how to pray for him.  I really didn't think I understood what he was going through, and so I just asked the Lord to meet his needs each day.

However, since I've been stuck here, in so much pain with my back, I have learned exactly what to pray for him.  Most days, I've been able to pray for him the same thing that I want for myself.

  • For pain relief
  • For the desire to be healthy again
  • For a friend who understands
  • For the meds to do their job
  • For the muscles, ligaments and bones to heal
  • For patience
  • For more faith in God's ultimate plan
  • For a good night's sleep
  • For a friend with a really good sense of humor
  • For something to distract his mind from the pain
  • For relief from the FEAR of the pain
  • For physical strength and mental fortitude to try again
  • For release from embarrassment
  • For someone to listen and not judge
  • For a friend who has been through it already who can encourage
  • For a kind caregiver
  • For someone to pray FOR

I am glad to be able to pray for him better now.  I have been helped and relieved and encouraged that I know exactly how to pray each day for him.

The last time I talked to his uncle, he said there was a possibilty that he would lose his leg.  I don't know if that has happened or not, but I have prayed about that too, even though I cannot begin to understand how that would affect a person.

Sometimes the situations that we experience are difficult; but those same experiences open us up to a world of understanding that would otherwise be closed to us.

God works His will in us in extraordinary ways. 

Can the trouble you're facing today help you to pray more compassionately for others?  It's a good thing to consider while going through our trials.

By the way, this soldier's name is Joel, if you would like to pray for him too. 🙂



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