To sleep—perchance to dream. Ay, there’s the rub!

I feel like I'm consumed with the subject of sleep lately.  Although, thankfully, I'm only concerned with a few hours of it each night, not obsessed with the eternal sleep, as was Hamlet!


(Hmmm…aren't bats nocturnal?  We may have to scrap these pjs for a while!!!)

Isaac visited with his neurologist yesterday, then went to have his blood levels checked, too.  We won't have those levels in for a bit; but we do have some changes to put into place for him.

  • We are weaning him off his sleep medication, since it doesn't seem to be working anyway.
  • We are starting him on Melatonin.  His first does was last night.
  • We are increasing one of his seizure meds by one-third.  So his morning dose is doubled, starting today.

Isaac did sleep the night through last night.  We are SO grateful for that.  We don't know if it was the Melatonin that did the trick, or if his internal clock has somehow reset itself, because he has slept the night through for the past 4 nights in a row.  That is a record for the past 7 weeks!

Today, however, we have a quiet, subdued little man.  The double dose of meds will keep him that way for a while, until his body adjusts to that amount.  The neurologist did say that she hopes this will be a temporary adjustment, and we certainly hope that too.

My back is doing some better.  I was able to go to church on Sunday night, and only had minimal pain toward the end of the service.  It was so good to be able to sit in the service and enjoy the music and preaching.

I started a walking DVD today.  The instructor does a mile in about 18 minutes.  I was only able to go for about 11 minutes (before my right hip started complaining), and was not able to keep up with her pace for the last 5 minutes.  But I was up and moving and getting my heart beating and warming up my muscles…I'll take that as a successful workout for today. 

And, I'm pretty sure the exercise will benefit my sleep patterns, as well!

I'm praying for my friend, Laura, that she and Josh will get to sleep a little, too, while they're in "Club Med" (the hospital, for those of you who aren't current with Special-Needs-Kiddo-speak.)  Josh's blood labs are off a bit, and they are trying to find out exactly what is going on with him.  I know Laura would appreciate your prayers.

Blessings to you,