Heaven’s Sounding Sweeter

Just a quick update here:

My grandmother (Daddy's mom) passed away this morning.  She went very quickly, and we are so thankful to know that she is with the Lord now!

Our precious friend, Lane, is spending his final days with family and friends gathered close.  He even dictated to his son a final goodbye for Facebook last night.  It was incredibly poignant, as he pointed his friends to Jesus as the only way to Salvation and a home in Heaven. 

I was told this morning that he is sleeping more and eating less today.  They are reading the comments from his FB page to him, as they come in.  The comments have been incredibly sweet, as they honor the Godly man that Lane has been to so many in his life.

Our little friend, Joshua, is still in the hospital.  His red- and white-blood cell counts are a little better, but his platelet count continues to stay low, in spite of 8 transfusions.  They began week 5 of their hospital stay yesterday.  Please keep praying!

Here on the homefront, Isaac is still not sleeping.  He stays awake for over 30 hours before he crashes for 2-6 hours; then he starts the whole process again.  Doug is exhausted, as he is averaging 4 hours of sleep each night.  I have been able to stay up and check on Ike the last few nights, but as soon as he goes potty, Doug has to get up to change him.

My back is still "out"…I wish I could go out as often as it does!!!  I have another chiropractic appointment tomorrow…hoping it will help again.

One of my favorite memories of my grandmother (who I called "Meme") was that she would take me shopping occasionally.  I remember one year, we went shopping for my winter coat. Afterwards, we stopped to eat at a restaurant – a real treat back then.  I remember having a cheeseburger and french fries – my carb-loving days started early!  I just recall how special I felt to be the focus of the trip and to be sharing that special time with her.

She will certainly be missed…and the thoughts of Heaven get more exciting all the time.  So many friends and loved ones will be there.  Are you 100% sure that YOU will be there one day?  If you have any doubts at all, I would be honored to share with you how I can be so sure.  Just email me or leave a comment here.




2 thoughts on “Heaven’s Sounding Sweeter

  1. Hi Alesha,Thank you for your prayers. I am still not out of the woods yet but so much better.
    As I was in bed in pain for several days, My heart went out to you and other friends that have to live with pain. All I could do was to to pray for you and them. I just can’t imagin suffering very long like that. But I do know Jesus gives us the strenth some how to get though it each day.
    Drugs are the worst. Poor Josh I pray for him too. I resorted to a pain med that made me so very sick. Yuk!! I hope I never have to take any of them again.
    I am so sorry for the lose of your grandmother.
    So many things going on in your life huh?
    Well bless you and I just want you to know you are on my prayer list!!
    Hugs, Sharon


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