Managing My Monday

Managing my Monday this week means phone calls…

LOTS and LOTS of phone calls!!!

Some for me…some for Isaac…

It is not one of my favorite things to do, but it is one of those necessary evils.

How are you managing your household today???

2 thoughts on “Managing My Monday

  1. My Monday involves- laundry, dishes, garbage cans, dirt that is said to be ‘macaroni’, peanut butter, lightning McQueen, old tapes, coupons, and more laundry. 😀 Have fun making those phone calls… lol


  2. My Monday kept me away from home so that I’m not reading this until Tuesday! My Monday involved a sports physical for my youngest, buying a few pieces of baseball equipment for that same boy, stopping for gas, home in time to scarf down a sandwich and be told that the vacuum cleaner is dead, back out with both boys to the orthodontist and then an hour in Costco looking at vacuums, texting pics and info back and forth with my husband at work, buying the vacuum and a stop at Jo-Ann’s before heading home at 5:00. Not my favorite kind of day, but it’s done now. Will’s all set for baseball try outs this Saturday and my floors can be vacuumed. That’s a good thing!


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