FABulous Customer Service

I know that post title got your attention, didn't it?  It is a rare thing indeed to find a company that strives to meet the need of the customer, and leaves the customer happy and content.

So, I'm as pleased as punch to tell you about LupinePet.com

Remember the harness that Kepler chewed up?  I showed you the letter I sent to the company to return it just last week.  We mailed the chewed harness out on Saturday.  Today we received the following:


Not only did they send us back a harness, but they sent us a larger, wider harness. 

AND they sent me the collar I had asked about in the larger, wider size too!!!

Both for free!

I was amazed and very impressed.  How about you?

So, I recommend the Lupine Pet harnesses and collars whole-heartedly.  I am so tickled to be able to share with you a company that excels at customer service.


Oh, and right before Christmas, I found an excellent deal on dog beds.  They just arrived today, but they were worth the wait.  We're expecting a cold front tonight, so the timing could not be better.

I got a handsome tan/black for Newton and a pretty pink/orange for Keppler.

Yep, the dogs will be styling tonight!

Isaac is doing fine, by the way.  He has slept all night the last 2 nights, thank the Lord!  We were getting very, very tired again, trying to keep him happy all night, every night.  Hopefully, this trend will continue for a while.

I had a girls' day out with my mom today.  We both got haircuts then went to lunch, did a little shopping and had a wonderful time!

So…how was your Thursday???


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