Bloggy Business


Just a little informal note to let you know that I have merged my devotional blog – A Door of Hope – with my personal blog here.

So if you were subscribed via email, or Yahoo, or Google Reader, etc., you will not be receiving any more posts from that blog.  You can delete it, if you so desire.

I began, last month, to use the category of "A Door of Hope" here on any posts that were devotional in nature.  So, if you want to read only devotional posts, you can use the tab above, or you can click on "A Door of Hope" in the categories to the right.

This is just a small attempt to simplify my virtual life. :)  I find I have too many accounts, too many blogs, too many places to check in.  So, a streamlining is in order, and this was a beginning of that for me.

Thanks…now back to your regularly scheduled programming.



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