Hope in the Hideous


"The very tabernacle of God was covered with badgers' skins…one would not think there would be any glory there.  The Shekinah of God was manifest under that kind of covering." ~C.H.P. (Streams in the Desert)


The inside of the tabernacle in the Old Testament held

beautiful materials of linen in blue, purple and scarlet;

fine vessels of gold;

lovely tables of solid wood;

decor of silver;  

veils of fine linen.


All of that beauty on the inside, covered by badgers' and rams' skins

A rough exterior to hold a wondrous interior.

But God was there.

"And there I will meet with thee, and I will commune with thee from above the mercy seat…" Exodus 25:22a

We come to see the magnificent beauty of God, often, in the distasteful things of life.

Let us not shy away from the hideous, but embrace it;

and find the glory of God where we least expect it.