What a Lovely Day!


Doug and I had such a nice day together on Friday.

It was one of those days when not one thing went according to plan!  It was, however, a day full of fun surprises:

  • avoiding the traffic jam on I-4 by doing a u-turn on the ramp, driving through the median and hopping a curb to get back on the road.
  • wandering around Kissimmee looking for a place to eat, but finding all the nice restaurants closed.
  • seeing a road that Doug recognized, taking it and ending up on the road on which we meant to end our day.
  • eating Turkish cuisine for the first time.
  • looking for a used bookstore, with written directions from a barista, and never finding the store.
  • deciding to not return the way we came, and looking for a bead store.
  • finding the mall that the bead store was supposed to be in, and learning that the entire mall was empty except for a few store on the end near Outdoor World.
  • walking through Bass Pro Shop (now, I can say that I've been…nothing spectacular, in my opinion)
  • finding a new way to get to the road we were on before, so that we could go to Whole Foods before we headed home.
  • going home with freshly ground cashew butter (yum!)

Now a few pictures from our lovely lunch. (I do apologize for the poor quality – my cell phone is notoriously difficult to hold still while pressing the shutter button.)

Hot Lemon Green Tea



Fabulous Turkish Bread.  We were amazed and asked for instructions!



"Just use your knife and poke it!"  Steam billowed out as it collapsed.


It was served with amazing authentic hummus (very similar to mine, I am proud to say), pickled cabbage and Kalamata olives.  The taste combinations were extraordinarily delicious!


Soup of the Day – Lentil, with a squeeze of lemon on top



Falafel Wrap with Tahini dipping sauce



Lamb Kabob with grilled Veggies and Rice (that Doug said was amazing!)



Turkish Pistachio Baklava



Anatolia – our Lovely Surprise of the Day



And of course, one of the best things about being out in Florida is the always breathtaking Sky!


Our day was full of twists and turns (literally and figuratively); but we enjoyed our time together and made some wonderful memories.

Changes to our plans are not necessarily bad!

Embrace the unexpected with an air of expectancy.

God will surprise you in ways you would never imagine.




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